Daddy’s Sleeping, Boy or Girl? and other Saturday Laughs

5. In the parking lot at a store: “Don’t hit that car with your door!”

4. Sometimes I ask Cupcakes about her baby brother / sister.  This was the most recent conversation:

ME: Do you think the baby is a boy or a girl?
ME: What if it’s a boy?
CUPCAKES: It will be a boy.  Soon.


3. Cupcakes was laying with me on the couch but then she started trying to push me out of her way aka off.

on the couch








“Don’t push me; I’m just a little kid!”

2.  Sometimes she asks me what my favorite thing is but when I answer her, she says, “That’s not your favorite!!”  Geez…

1. She was playing this hilarious game with her daddy the other night where she was putting him to bed.  “Daddy’s seeping.”

daddys sleeping

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  1. I love the first one! My daughter does something similar where she decides we “trade” roles – so she’s the mommy and I’m her. This mostly results in me asking to repeatedly sit on her lap and if I can have a snack. I’m not sure she appreciates the humour….

  2. I love number 1, it’s so cute!

  3. Tyler was convinced Bailey was going to be a boy too! I was a little nervous when he came up to the hospital to find out she was a girl… Love that she is developing her own opinion and that you are never right. :0)

  4. I am so happy to learn of #2! How incredibly awesome! You are going to have so many funny memories with 2! Welcome to the 2 club! Love the boy/girl story!! She is adorable!

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