101 Free (or cheap) Fall Activities to do with Kids

Ahhh I love Fall!  I think it’s the most nostalgic season. There are so many great activities to do as a family. I’ve compiled a list of 101 here just for you. If you want to refer back, please pin this post, and I’d love it if you want to share with your friends!!

101 Fall Things

1. Go for a walk in a forest preserve.

awesome forest preserve pic
2. Make construction paper leaves.  Decorate with glitter glue.
3. Go on a family stroll – preferably somewhere with trees.
4. Pick apples at an orchard.
5. Pick out a pumpkin and take pictures at a pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch pic
6. Shop to a fun (and kid-friendly) Halloween store.
7. Visit a Farmer’s Market.
8. Bake apple pie.
9. Bake pumpkin pie.
10. Bake pumpkin seeds.
11. Watch It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (my favorite!!)
12. Find other kids’ Halloween movies (and after bedtime, watch Halloween with just your spouse – NOT recommended for children, lol).
13. Make and / or eat taffy apples.
14. Have carmel popcorn.
15. Bob for apples.
16. Write a letter to the Great Pumpkin.

great pumpkin
17 Carve pumpkins!

cool jack pic
18. Paint pumpkins!

paint pumpkins
19. Make glitter pumpkin decorations.
20. Make a Halloween wreath.
21. Put out last year’s Halloween decorations out together.
22. Rake and jump into a pile of leaves (preferably not while holding a wet sucker – IAGPCB).
23. Go on a crunchy leaf walk.

crunchy leave walk
24. Tour your old college.
25. Make and eat pumpkin muffins.

pumkin muffins
26. Bake and eat pumpkin-shaped cookies.
27. Go to a haunted house.
28. Go on a hay ride.
29. Make a candy / gingerbread haunted house.
30. Do some gravestone sketchings.
31. Make a countdown to Halloween.
32. Make costumes / accessories for costumes.
33. Wear All Saints Day costumes.
34. Draw Jack-o-Lanturn face options.
35. Watch more cute, kid-friendly movies.
36. Get candy corn.
37. Go for a bike ride.
38. Count different color leaves.
39. Go on a memory walk in your old neighborhood (if possible).
40. Create a Jack-o-Lanturn felt board to play with.
41. Paint Halloween rocks.
42. Read fun Halloween books (I love The 13 Days of Halloween).
43. Read  / watch Sleepy Hollow.
44. Draw the headless horseman.
45. Tell scary-ish stories with flashlights.
46. Find a way to watch Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes (for older kids).
47. Go trick-or-treating.
48. Pick a restaurant and make it a Halloween tradition.
49. Go to an apple festival.
50. Color Halloween pictures and display them.
51. Do an October / Fall photo-a-day challenge.

oct photo a day
52. Watch a documentary about the leaves changing color.
53. Make apple sauce in the crock pot – yummy and it makes your house smell like fall.
54. Create candy corn art / decorations.
55. Put together foam monster puppets.
56. Make pumpkin pretzels.
57. Participate in a trunk or treat.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 7.33.28 PM
58. Make a candy corn treat jar.
59. Make orange and black rice crispie treats.
60. After your kids are asleep, have a Bottle of Boos.  😉
61. Have a bonfire.
62. Roast marshmallows.
63. Rent Halloween CDs from the library.
64. Make Halloween bat-o-lanturns.
65. Have a Jack-o-Lanturn contest with family and friends.
66. Decorate your front door.
67. Decorate your whole house.
68. Map out your Trick-or-Treating route OR decide to make it spontaneous.
69. Make a math game out of the candy haul.
70. Find ways to lower sugar this Halloween.  And COMMENT to tell me your ideas!!
71. Decorate the fridge.
72. Have a Halloween party.
73. Go through a corn maze.
74. Make a fall photo collage.
75. Drink hot apple cider.
76. Bake and eat spiced pumpkin oatmeal cookies.
77. Watch football games.
78. Go to a high school or college game.
79. Rake leaves and do leaf etchings.
80. Read a Calvin and Hobbes book about the fall.
81. Put together a fall sensory bin.
82. Play shaving cream on the table, but dye it orange first.
83. Bake black / brown & orange frosted cupcakes.
84. Go to the zoo; it’s a great time of year to go!
85. Have a park day (on one of the warmer days).
86. Visit a nature center.
87. Buy a big canvas and fall colored paint: red, orange and yellow.  Let your kids go nuts.
88. Spin off of #87, tape leaves to the canvas, paint over the whole thing, remove leaves.
89. Find animals outside and draw them later.
90. Take a trip to the library and check out fall books.
91. Participate in Fire Safety Awareness Day.

2013-10-11 17.09.18
92. As a family, create a fire exit strategy.
93. Eat popcorn balls.
94. Go on a fall scavenger hunt.
95. Laminate fun magnets – with leaves or Halloween pictures.
96. Make pumpkin fudge.
97. Make pumpkin cream cheese bars.
98. Put leaves between two sheets of wax paper along with some crayon shavings.  Iron.
99. Volunteer at a food pantry with your family.
100. Make a big list of things you’re grateful for as a family for Thanksgiving.
101. Create a scrapbook of all the memories.

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-03at81312PM_zps7b1cfbf8.png

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