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You guys.

I know I didn’t do Saturday Laughs or a Sunday post.  I did SO much work this weekend!  On both Saturday and Sunday, Cupcakes and I went over to my parents house and we just powered through looking in all of our boxes.  The garage and basement are filled with my borderline-hoarder-parents’ things.  OR their parents’ things.  OR our things that they’ve saved for us.  OR nonsense we – as kids – thought had to be saved.  I can’t even list all of the garbage we’ve found in these boxes, but to give you an idea, I’ll share some: suckers and other candy (that has obviously melted onto other stuff), broken baskets, Elmer’s glue that is no longer white, EVERY piece of paper EVER brought home from school (“Jennifer needs a new glue stick”), puzzles that only have 1-2 pieces left, and it went on and on.

This weekend, my brother, sister, parents, and I (and Cupcakes) went through most of the boxes in the garage.  I really wanted to throw everything away, but there were some things I couldn’t part with (ug).  Over the two days, I took home 2 totes of stuff.  A lot of it was books (who can pass up a good (free) book?!), there are some pictures, and kitchen stuff that will be helpful.  So I’m hoping I won’t have to find places for this stuff in closets since we’re pretty much out of storage space.

I also brought home one more box of Cupcakes’ baby clothes (0-3 months).  I’ve saved all her clothes.  So if little Nougat is a girl, she’ll be all set.  If she is a he, WHAT will I do with all the clothes??  I hope save them for the next baby, but I’m going to run out of space…

Here are some of the cool things I found:

betty crocker

“This cook book is a collector’s item.  It maybe worth money.” – my Grandma
This is a note paper clipped into my Grandma’s Betty Crocker cookbook / binder.

train by dad
Train my dad drew in fifth grade.  He likes trains.

cakes men like

Cakes Men Like

My Grandma’s collection of books and clipped-out-of-newspaper/magazine-recipes is seriously like a tangible version of Pinterest.  So cool.  🙂  Good times.

What did YOU do this weekend??

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