Improving my Facebook Fan Page Reach (BlogHer Post #5)

At BlogHer13, I learned a lot about how to better utilize my Facebook Fan Page from two sources:

One of my breakout sessions that was awesome: Advanced Marketing & Monetization | Workshop: Making the Most of Pinterest and Facebook but that was mostly focused on Pinterest.  And

my new friend Ashley at Center Cut Cook, who has an awesome Facebook presence.

what I learned at blogher

Soooo here are the

Facebook Fan Page Tips I Learned:

1.) Are you branding yourself or a business?

If yourself, there’s a way to open a FOLLOW option on your personal Facebook page.  It’s right there in your privacy setting.  That doesn’t exactly apply to me (though I went ahead and opened that button anyway) so I have a For Love of Cupcakes fan page.

2.) Think about the Twitter <–> Facebook Connection

Up until a few days ago, I had all of my tweets go to my Facebook page.  Now I have my Facebook posts automatically go to Twitter.  There are fewer posts this way, but they are of higher quality.  Also, I can say more in a Facebook post and the tweets can attract readers back to my page.

3.) Display Big Visually-Appealing Photos to Advertise Blog Posts.

When my tweets went to Facebook, the links showed a small thumbnail.  Now, there are large photos all over my page and it looks so much better!  Type the URL of the post you want to share in the description of the photo.

4.) Get to Know the New Insights.

Find out when you should post.  When are your audience members online?  Go through each of the tabs in the Insights section.

5.) Use Hashtags!

Hashtags are now available on Facebook.  Also, now that you have your Facebook posts go to Twitter, you should put the hashtags towards the top of your message so you know they make it to Twitter.  Two birds.

6.) Add Some Tabs.

Put a Pinterest tab on your fan page.  Go to and go for it.  I’ve been wondering how people do this!  I added Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as well.  🙂

My Facebook Fan PageYou can rearrange the tabs by clicking the small arrow at the top right corner of the box and go down to ‘swap with ___’.

This is so cool!  When you click on Pinterest, you can see all my boards right in Facebook:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.32.46 PM

Hee hee hee!  How cool is that?!  Speaking of which, come follow me on Pinterest.  🙂

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