Improving on Instagram (BlogHer Post #4)

My first break out session at BlogHer was called Photo | Presentation: Find Your Instagram Style / Roundtable: A Thousand Words.  I loved it!

minding my grid

The first thing I learned is that some people are really good at Instagram.  Most of the excellent IG-ers are probably professional photographers, but the speakers really made it seem like any of us could use these simple tips to improve our Instagram accounts.  I wanted to share with you what I took away from this session.

1. I’m really glad Instagram branched out to non-iPhone users such as myself.  I love Instagram.

2. Download some cool apps

like Snapseed, PicFX, PhotoFX and Phoster.  Snapseed is the one I’ve started playing around with.

3. Mind the Grid.

I didn’t know that was important at all, but the presenter made the great point that *that* is what people see when they go to your profile.  You can make it impressive.  Here’s my grid.  It is not currently a good example of minding my grid, but here it is anyway:

4. Make your photos STAND OUT!

– Canonical Perspective (slightly raised, slightly tilted) & the Rule of Thirds
– Strong Lines and Leading Lines
– Strong Contrast
– Faces: Faces trump everything else!

5. General Photography Tips:

Play with shadows, negative space, texture, perspective, height, details.  Keep a simple color palette.  “Always be shooting.”  Connect with other photographers and model for each other; practice together.  Pay attention to light and have people pose.  Think about your composition.

What do you think of my cool Snapseed pics??

** For the picture with Lovey, I used an app called PhotoGrid which I actually had before BlogHer and really love.

What are YOUR Instagram Tips and Tricks?!

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what I learned at blogher

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  1. Tell me more about minding your grid. How can I do that?

    • AdminJamin says:

      It’s like… Making your pictures all in the same style out having them all go into a theme. The speaker said she adjusts the color palette to go with the season. . . So cool! 🙂

  2. My biggest obstacle with Instagram is followers.

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