BlogHer To Do List (BlogHer Post #2)

There is SO much I have to tell you about BlogHer that the only place I can think to start is by telling you all I have to tell you, ha.  (Did you hear that I got to meet Katilette aka Mommytard of the Shaytards?!  I was even in their vlog today!!)

I want to tell you about all the people I met, all the things we did, and all the fun I did.  BUT I also need to tell you all the things I learned and all the changes I need to make to my blog and my social media presence.  There are also some things I can’t really change.  Maybe I’ll start there.

pumpkin cupcakes

I don’t blog about cupcakes.  I enjoy the taste of cupcakes, but I’m not a baker or a food blogger. (Well I guess I do sometimes… I did make these pumpkin cupcakes.)  It’s confusing for people.  You can read my about me page if you want the whole story behind my name.  I can’t just change it now and even if I did, I would have no clue what to name this mommy blog.  It’s *also* confusing that all my social media handles aren’t “forloveofcupcakes” but “4loveofcupcakes” and “cupcakes710” which makes it difficult for people to find at times.  That’s unfortunate.  :-/  These are a few reasons I wrote the article, “Read This Before You Start a Blog!”  Oh well.  Moving on…

Here are some Things I Learned that I need to do:

[bold means a blog post on the topic is forthcoming.]
[strikethrough means I’ve completed the task.]

* Follow everyone that I met at BlogHer on twitter.
* Add all their blogs to my BlogHer Pinboard.
* Get a good camera.  Learn how to use it.  Practice photography.
* Write a mission statement.
* Write long-term and short-term goals.
* Establish a timeline.
* Try to make an editorial calendar.
* Research keywords.  Check out social mention, technorati and premise.
* Think of 3 keywords to brand my blog (anyone want to help me with this??)
* Check out how my blog looks on mobile devices
* Research Facebook insights.
* Change up Pinterest covers.
* Arrange Pinboards strategically.
* Cancel automated twitter –> facebook posting, enable facebook –> twitter posting.
* Apply to Social Fabric.
* Apply to the BlogHer ad network.
* Fix Sharebar.
* Make unique board names on pinterest.
* Name photos in big posts.  Every photo on your blog should be named (good for searches).
* Open Followers button on Facebook.
* Make a Pin It hoover button.
* Add a pinterest tab to Facebook (
* Work on Instagram Photos (check out the following apps: PicFX, Snapseed, PhotoFX, and Phoster)
* Clean up / de-clutter my blog.
* Start vlogging.  Just start.

what I learned at blogher


I’m going to make this a series so stay tuned; MUCH MORE TO COME!  🙂

Did YOU go to BlogHer or another conference?  What are some things YOU learned?  If you knew then what you know now, are there things you would change?  Let me know!!

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  1. Jamie – it was great meeting you at BlogHer! I love that we’re practically neighbors, it’s definitely a small world. If you ever have any questions or need anything, please let me know! 🙂

  2. I love this! I am going to save this post so I can ask you about some of these things!

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