Hello and Welcome! (BlogHer Post #1)

If you’re here because you got my business card from BlogHer, welcome welcome welcome!  And if you’re anyone else, welcome to you as well!  Thanks for coming by my blog; come follow me on other social networks (right sidebar)! –>

me at blogher

I learned SOOOOO much at BlogHer ’13.  Like I told my instagram / twitter / facebook followers, it was an absolute PRIVILEGE to be able to go!  I am thrilled that I got the opportunity; it was so exciting, I learned a ton, and I met some amazing people.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  I’m going to break everything down into several parts.

Alright, now I have to write one more thing in this post, and it might sound cheesy, but I just have to.  I met someone at BlogHer that I’ve admired for years.  I didn’t even know she was going to be there (whole story later).  She gave me a hug!  Actually 2 because I started crying for no reason when I tried to talk to her.  Katilette is an amazing mom and she’s so sweet and funny and she’s shared with her viewers… well … her life and her story basically.  So I feel like I know her.  I’m not usually a celebrity / pop culture enthusiast, but I was so excited to meet this woman and I want to say Hi to her in case she actually comes to check out my blog (she took my business card!!  ?!  And she was the one who asked me for it!  woah).  I told her Hobbs and I were huge fans of her and the Shaytards, but I didn’t mention that he and I actually went back to the very beginning and watched every. single. episode. a couple of years ago. They’re even in my Day Zero Project!!   AND I forgot to congratulate her on her pregnancy.  Fail… or maybe just a little fail.  So I had to share with you this picture:


Katilette talks about the meet up and hugging people at blogher in this video.  That’s ME she’s talking about!!!  Ok, me and everyone else who was there.  But she talks about it!  I got teary again watching lol.  #dork.

So, there’s a LOT more to come!  I have a LOT to say!!  Check back.  🙂

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