House Cleaning Resolution

It’s been over 6 months since we all made our New Year’s Resolutions!  I have been doing well on 3/6 of my goals.  How have you been doing?

In order to continue working on my home organization goal, I need to supplement with a cleaning goal.  I need better cleaning habits to help with my organization efforts.

Best news: I found someone at work to be my accountability partner!

She knows of a blogger called FlyLady who has lots of great tips.  Have you heard of her?

So here are a few things I’m working on:

* Putting something away every time I get up
* Sweeping every day
* Doing laundry more often and putting clothes away IMMEDIATELY
* Keeping dishes in the sink
* Donating junk I don’t use
* Donating more clothes

My accountability partner likes the idea of setting a timer and cleaning each room for 15 minutes (and no more!).

What do YOU do to maintain a clutter-free / clean / organized home?

Do you want to work on this with us??

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