101 Fun & Free (or cheap) Summer Things to Do with Kids

Summer is here!  Sometimes I think Spring is my favorite season, but now I think, maybe it’s summer… There’s so many great things to do in the summer time.  Kids and adults alike can get on board with these fantastic activities!!  Pin the post so you can refer to it all season and make some great plans!

101 Fun & Free Summer Things To Do With Kids | @4LoveofCupcakes | For Love of Cupcakes

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1. Go to the beach (duh!) – it’s my absolute fave thing to do during the summer!


2. Write with chalk on the driveway or parking lot.  Add water!
3. Run through the sprinkler – you too!
4. Buy some large inflatable animals, spray them with water and just play.
5. Slip and slide.
6. Throw (or attend) a block party.
7. Hit up the garage sales.
8. Go on a picnic.
9. Check out a concert at the park.  Lots of towns do little music shows outdoors for free.
10. Carnival season!!
11. Have a park day – take your kids to all the great parks in the area, and some that are farther away.  This is one of my favorite childhood memories.
12. Go get ice cream!
13. Sleep in.
14. Watch morning cartoons all together in your bed.millenium park
15. Get up to see a sunrise one day.
16. Go to as many fireworks shows as you can, especially on the 4th!
17. Go to the Renaissance Faire.
18. Go for walks.
19. Go for a walk at midnight.
20. Find a drive-in movie.
21. Find something to use as a water table in your house.
22. Star gaze, play counting games.
23. Paint a sunset with watercolors.
24. Have a water balloon fight.
25. Play badmitten.
26. Play croquet.
27. Play beach volleyball.
28. Play street hockey (watch out for cars!!)
29. Go to the pool all the time.
30. Play dodgeball.
31. Throw a watermelon on the ground and dive in with some spoons.  Or fingers.
32. Build sand castles.
33. Bury your kids in the sand.  Or your husband.
34. Then run away.  (haha just kidding!)
35. Go on a bike ride.
36. Go to the dunes!
37. Know anyone with a beach house?
38. Go to a nearby lake.
39. Make a waterway in the sandbox or the sand at a park.
40. Wake up in the middle of the night and wake your kids up for a surprise swim / walk / drive / etc.
41. Plant flowers.
42. Have an early morning breakfast outside.
43. Go camping.
44. Go camping in your own yard.
45. Go out on a boat.
46. Go canoeing.
47. What about a wave runner or other water sports?
48. Go wading in the water somewhere.
49. Draw things outside.
50. Play hopscotch.
51. Have some outside prayer time as a family.
52. Get family portraits taken!  (And if you’re in Chicago, have this guy do it; he’s awesome!)

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53. Go to the water park.
54. Have a cookout.  Invite some friends.
55. Go to the museum.  We found an awesome Children’s Museum!
56. Rent some movies from Redbox for Free.
57. Walk around the forest preserve.
58. Draw roadways on your driveway for the bikes.
59. Write a fun short story together.
60. Nap under the clouds.
61. Spot cloud animals.
62. Make s’mores
63. Have a bonfire.
64. Squirt water guns.
65. Play capture the flag with the neighbors.
66. Seek out some festivals.
67. Do a moon watch.Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 4.39.02 PM
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68. Spot fire flies.
69. Count the cicadas.
70. Gon on a river walk.
71. Rent a paddle boat.
72. Go to the zoo!
73. Plant a tree.
74. Make hot rocks.
75. Decorate a garden.
76. Do a carwash for charity.
77. Build a tree fort.
78. Arrange a scavenger hunt.
79. Paint little cars and race them outside.
80. Dance in a rainstorm.
81. Go to bed in sleeping bags outside.
82. Paint a mural on a wall.
83. Bird watch.
84. Paint your windows.  Acrylic paint washes off pretty-medium easily.
85. Ride in bumper cars.
86. Spot constellations and draw them.
87. Collect seashells.
88. Play with sparklers (can do on days other than 7/4!).
89. Fly a kite.
90. Build and fly an airplane.
91. Run bases / play baseball at a park.
92. Do a lemonade stand.
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93. Get spray chalk and have a blast.
94. Jump rope.
95. Make a treasure map (x marks the spot!).
96. Feed some ducks.
97. Sing in the rain.
98. Spontaneous road trip around the neighborhood (follow your heart).
99. Play in the hot tub.
100. Watch the storms.  Have a pretend power out party (and pray your power doesn’t really go out, lol!).
101. Make a Memory Book of all your good times.


What are YOUR big plans this summer??  Do you have any great ideas that we could add to this list?  I’d love to hear them — COMMENT BELOW!  🙂

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