A Great Summer Snack for You and Your Kids!

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My most "famous" post (by far) is my toddler food post, 54 Healthy Meal and Snack Ideas for your Toddler.  Since writing that post, I've been happy to bring you some other posts about healthy snacks and meal ideas including recipes and lists.  This is why I think this social spark post really fits with my audience.

Check out this delicious, Mom-Approved summer snack:

Fla-Vor-Ice is made with real juice and has only 20 calories each.  It's a light snack so it won't get in the way of any meals, and it's free of any allergens.  So pass them out freely!  

Another thing I love about them is that they're very inexpensive!  At less than $0.10 / serving, I can definitely throw some FVI in my shopping cart!!  

True Story: When I was pregnant with Cupcakes and having morning sickness in the evening, there were two things that made the nasea go away.  One of them was baby carrots, and the other was freezy-pops.  They very well could have been Fla-Vor-Ice, but I can't remember for sure.  FVI are considered to have more flavor than their competitors.  

There are several different flavors and sizes so it's perfect for all ages.  My FAVORITE thing about them is that there is a Sugar-Free version, which is perfect for my family (diabetic husband, toddler).  This is something I can really feel good about serving to Cupcakes and her friends.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Maybe I'll get these for our next play date when it's my turn to bring the dessert!  

If you're not into Sugar-Free snacks, they also have Original Fruit Flavors and Tropical Flavors.  Yum!  There's a Fla-Vor for everyone!!  My favorite flavor has always been green.  We've yet to see what Cupcakes' favorite is, but so far, she's chosen strawberry.  

FVI has a Facebook page with tons of fun images and information on this delightful snack.  Go check them out and click the like button.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

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