7QT: Good Friday, Easter, Spring Break & More

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Happy [Good] Friday!

You can read about my amazing week below, but I want to take a moment to commemorate this particular Friday: Good Friday.  This is probably the greatest anniversary of our human history.  Our Lord gave His life for us this day.  He gave his life so that we “might not perish, but have eternal life!” (Jn 3;16).  There is no greater love than this.  <3

I should do a whole post about the Divine Mercy Chaplet and why you should say it today in the 3 o’clock hour, the hour of mercy, but I’ll save that for Divine Mercy Sunday.  But if you click that link, you can find out how to pray this very simple, but beautiful prayer.  It only takes about 5 minutes.  <3

Today I’m linking up with Conversion Diary.

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Cupcake Spotlight


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Happy Easter

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Easter with your loved ones!  <3

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Spring Break was Awesome

I still went to work, but I’m a daycare teacher and numbers were way low.  A lot of the parents in my class are teachers so they were all off.  Some of the kids only come a few days a week and didn’t show up.  Also, I had one or two sick kids.  That last one is sad, but all these kids out made my week very nice!  Some days I only had 4-5 kids in my class (compared to 14-15!).  It was quiet, peaceful and relaxing.  The best part, though, is that


I was only supposed to have 2 kids tomorrow so it wasn’t worth it to pay me to be there.  I’m mostly excited because Hobbs is off on Fridays so we’re going to have a super fun family day!  (It’s not often that I get a day off, and when I do, it’s to go on vacation with other family and such.)

What would YOU do with a day off like this???

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101 Spring time Activities for Kids

I compiled a giant list of things to do with children in the spring time because I am so excited for it to get here and I thought you’d like it.  So if you check it out and enjoy it, I would LOVE it if you would pin / tweet / otherwise share it.  🙂  It took kind of a long time to write.

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Natural, Organic, SAFE Pest Control for your Home

I don’t think I’ve ever told you because it’s gross, but we have a silverfish problem in our apartment.  I’m not afraid of them like I am spiders, but they definitely creep me out.  I would like it if I never had to see one squirm smoothly across my floor again.  At the same time, I have a precious two year old and am trying to steer clear of chemicals whenever possible.  I’ve recently harnessed the power of vinegar, but today I want to share Home Safe Insect Control with you:

Home Safe Insect Control is an all natural, completely organic pest control product that can be used inside and outside your home. I also make a great pest control product for your garden.

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2 More Days…

to set up advertising with me!  I’d love at least one more!!  My prices are very affordable and I do a lot of promotion!  Send me an e-mail at for_love_of_Cupcakes {at} yahoo {dot} com if you’d like more information!  You can always DM me on twitter as well: @4LoveofCupcakes

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  1. I am going to pull out your spring activities post today. It’s the first day the weather has been nice!

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