101 Fun & Free (or cheap) Springtime Things to Do with Kids

It’s MARCH!  Spring is coming!!  I’m in Chi-Town and there’s still snow on the ground but I am so ready for spring.  I’ve been dreaming about it for months and the other day I was able to go out side without my winter coat.  I am SO excited and so I am sharing with you all of my best springtime activities for you and your kids!  Pin this post so you can refer back all season!!  😀

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1. Get some rain boots and head outside to splash in puddles!
2. Find a patch of shamrocks and search for a four leaf clover
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3. Dance in the rain (classic, I know)
4. Start going to the library again!
5. Take a walk to a new area
6. Draw what the trees outside look like once a week and document the changes
7. Go on a photo walk, let your child(ren) take pictures of all the beautiful things they see!
8. Go to the forest preserve to walk around.
9. Put Easter window clings up
10. Clean the house with all the windows open!
11. Make mud pies (I’m serious – go play in the mud.  It will wash off.)
12. Don’t eat the mud pies
13 Sidewalk chalk!Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 8.52.30 PM
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14. Bubbles
15. Learn about the different kinds of flowers you can see
16. Plant a flower
17. Go on a family picnic
18. Walk around picking up litter
19. Learn about all the animals you see outside
20. Feed carrots to bunnies
21. Go fishing
22. Make lemonade
23. Play hopscotch
24. Jump rope
25. Run around in the grass (I’m so sick of snow!)
26. Climb a tree
27. Walk to church
28. Bake Easter cookies
29. Go to the Children’s Museum (Amelia at La Cupcake Buzz)
30. Go hunting for rainbows after a spring shower
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31. Draw rainbows with colored pencils, markers, crayons, or use finger paint!
32. Go on a walk to find and collect rocks
33. Paint rocks



34. Hide and Seek Easter eggs.
35. Make a fairy garden.
36. Hang prisms. (VC*)
37. Go shopping at a farmer’s market (VC) – get some healthy treats!
38. Grab some blankets and books and go read under a tree. (VC)
39, Lay in the grass and look up at the clouds – decide together what each one looks like.
40. Take out your sleeping bags and gaze up at the stars.  Learn about constellations.
41. Car wash! (VC) You could even do it at an intersection to raise money for a charity.
42. Install a tire swing on one of your sturdier trees. (VC)
43. Build and paint a bird feeder. (VC)
44. Take pictures of and draw the different birds you see.
45. Make tie-dye shirts. (VC)
46. Go on a family bike ride.
47. Hit up the zoo.
48. Make a springtime storybook together. (VC)
49. Go for a spontaneous drive – windows rolled down, of course!  Listen to upbeat music and sing along!
50. Donate winter clothes your children have outgrown. (VC)  Do it together and teach your kids why it’s important to help those in need.
51. Fly a kite.
52. Go out to look for bugs especially fire flies!
53. Make a yarn wreath.
54. Take a train to the nearest city.
55. Check for local outdoor events.  Last year we got to go to a Jim Gill concert at the library!
56. Make a rainy day box.
57. Go find dandelions and do the trick where you rub it on the back of your hand to turn your skin yellow.  Or blow the seeds off the milk weeds (though this might make people mad since it will produce more weeds, lol)
58. Do random acts of kindness.
59. Dye Easter eggs.
60. Catch butterflies.
61. Go on a walk pulling your kid(s) in a wagon.
62. Fly paper airplanes.
63. Give your toys a bath outside.
64. Make a garden decoration.  You can use modeling clay.
65. Play with pinwheels.
66. Feed carrots to bunnies.  Make a chart of the animals you see.2013-03-29 19.31.06

67. Do outdoor chores together.
68. Go swim suit shopping and dream of summer.
69. Go to a baseball game (or watch one inside with all the windows open).
70. Play hide n seek / tag / red light-green light / Bottle cap / Mother May I / etc
71. Buy some glow sticks and play with them outside at night
72. Play at the park!  (duh)
73. Feed a duck.  Follow it around.
74. Dig a fire pit and decorate it.  Have a bonfire with your friends and family.
75. Have a scavenger hunt.
76. Make a fort or a treehouse.
77. Build a sandbox.  Make a castle.
78. Draw out a map of the neighborhood.
79. Eat lunch outside at a restaurant.
80. Paint faces.
81. Have a water gun or water balloon fight.
82. Set up a movie outside and eat popcorn.
83. Make walkie talkie cups.
84. Find a big hill to climb.
85. Drive around and find something spontaneous to do.
86. Have a dance party outside.
87. Do a garage sale.  Organize a block sale.
88. Visit a farm and ride horses.
89. Go find an abandoned rail road track.  Go at 6am.  Eat breakfast after you go exploring.  I have a really amazing memory of doing this with my dad and sister.  I should probably write a whole post about it (I’ll get back to you).
90. Do some creative writing about your adventure.  ^^^
91. Practice handwriting outside.
92. Make your own granola bars.
93. Do pencil etching and leaf drawings.
94. Ice Cream Date!
95. Go to an outdoor mall and look at all the pretty flowers.
96. Go rollar blading.
97. Watch a storm from the garage.
98. Make rain sticks.
99. Watch the Quiet Man (it’s just a good spring time movie and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!).
100. Make a water way in the sandbox you built.
101. Make a scrapbook of all the springtime memories you made!  And if you do that online, leave me a link in the comments!

What Ideas Do YOU Have for Spring??

*All ideas marked (VC) are from my friend Violetta Cascata.  Check out her blog!

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    101 Fun & Free (or cheap) Springtime Things to Do with Kids

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