Do you know Jim Gill??  If you’re a mom, I bet you do – he writes and sings fun and funny songs for toddlers / kids like Stick to the Glue, Tickle Toe, May There Always Be Sunshine and more.  I linked his website on his name in the previous sentence.

Anyway, he played a concert at our local library and my mom and I got to take Cupcakes.  Unfortunately, we were eating dinner and going was kind of an after-thought… not really planned… so we missed most of it.  🙁  It was still a lot of fun though!  I saw two of my daycare kids there so we sat next to them and we sang the songs and danced.  Cupcakes was a bit tired, but I liked snuggling and dancing with her anyway.

At the end, we got a book, which Mr. Gill autographed and he took a picture with Cupcakes!

He was super nice and just so talented!  We had a great night!!

Interestingly enough, Hobbs and I ALSO went to a concert last night!  He got me Jason Mraz tickets for my / our birthday / anniversary back in July and the date finally came!  My mom watched Cupcakes and she spent the night.  But that funtime is a subject for another blog post!  Stay tuned!!  🙂

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