How to Add a Pin It Button to Your Awesome Posts Quickly and Easily!

This one is kind of obvious and a lot of you probably already know how to do it,

but for those of you who don’t, I wanted to write a quick little tutorial.  I also wanted to pass this on because of all the page views I’ve seen from a post that went viral on pinterest (54 Healthy Meal and Snack Ideas for Toddlers).  This pin it button can get you more pins, repins and therefore page views!  It looks like this one– just go ahead and pin this post too!  😉

Here’s where you go:

From your pinterest account, go to the top right of the screen and hoover over ABOUT like so –>







Click “Pin It Button” and this is the screen you’ll see:

You need to enter information into each of these three fields.

The URL is explained above.

There are two ways to get the URL of the image.
1.  From your public wordpress post, click the image and you should (if you haven’t added a link to the picture) come to a blank white screen that just has the picture you clicked.  Grab that URL.  -or-
2. Upload the picture to Photobucket (or other photo storage website) and grab the “Direct Link” like so:

The Direct Link is shown above as the second one. ^^^

After that, come up with a short, attention-grabbing description to submit in the third field.

When you’ve entered these two URLs and the description, pinterest will automatically create the HTML code for your Pin It Button.  Click the HTML tab in your blog’s editor and then copy and paste that entire code into your post.

There ya go!  Quick and Easy Pin It Button for your awesome content!  I hope it’s pinned and repinned for you!!  🙂

Did this post make sense?  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

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  1. I’ve been wondering how to do this. I tried it after reading this, but Photobucket is acting up for me and kicking me out when I try to upload something. Try again later….

  2. Jamie, I pinned your post about making a pin-it button. Kind of ironic, but loved it and wanted to be able to refer back to it 🙂 🙂 Awesome, seriously awesome. Thanks for sharing!!

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