7QT: Croup, Apples, Elections, & an Adorable [Food] Cupcake!

– 1 –

Happy Friday!

My Coworker: “I can’t wait until Friday!”
Me: “haha so Labor Day, the short week, that didn’t help?”
My Coworker: “No, not at all.”

Hahahaha!  We have a difficult job!

Did the short week help you out?

– 2 –

Labor Day Cupcake

Isn’t this Labor Day cupcake cute?!


– 3 –

Po’est Cucpakes

[By the way, po’est means poor-est like my poor-est baby.]  She has croup and it’s horrific!  She was a miserable exhausted mess and I had to call in sick Tuesday.  I really don’t like calling in sick and feeling that guilt, but I knew my baby needed me.  So I just need to get over it.  So I had a really short week.  Still, as you’ll notice in #1, I’m so excited it’s Friday!  Let’s not forget po’est mommy too by the way.  You might be interested to know that I’m writing this on about 3 hours of sleep.  I can’t wait for bedtime!  I apologize for any spelling / grammar errors in this post lol.

– 4 –


I went to [part of] a football game at my old high school last Friday.  I knew going in that it wouldn’t be the same; it never is, but I still don’t like that.  I was actually supposed to go with a friend from high school, which I think would have made it a lot more fun (I ended up going with my mom and sis’s boyfriend just to watch her little mini-cheerleaders), but plans fell through at the last minute.  :-/  I’m still excited for fall and football and cooler weather though.  I’ve never said this in my life, but I’m excited for summer to end this year.

– 5 –

The Election

This is a mommy blog and not a politics blog, and it’s going to stay that way.  I seriously would not be able to handle the heat that political bloggers have to put up with.  But there is no getting around this election.  I mean, that’s obvious.  Elections are important.  I have lots of opinions and will be voting, but I am sick to death of politics.  I believe I am well-informed and do my duty as a citizen, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t annoy me.  It does. The tweets on my feed alone are enough to drive me crazy about the whole thing.  I’ll be glad when it’s all over.  Can I just ask of you, of anyone, just please please do your research!  Go deeper than just the slogans and soundbites you hear and make an informed decision.  It really is important.  Ok off my soap box. 

– 6 –

Ug Apple Theme

So, as is expected in September, here comes the Apple Theme in my classroom.  No theme is more overdone than apples.  I actually had a professor in college tell us never never to do an apple theme.  But my class is full of 2 year olds, how could I not do an apple theme in September.  I’m not a fan though.   I don’t know if it’s because of what my professor said or if it’s because it’s just a boring lame theme.  Hopefully I can make it exciting.  Let me know if you’d like to contribute an idea!  :)

Oh!  Here’s a funny from Playschool (that’s what they call the 2s room) this week: one of my kids made me some “monkey cheese” in the kitchen center yesterday.  Hahahha classic.

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A Request

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