7 Great Things about Our Spouse-Only Vacation

– 1 –

We Ate Whatever We Wanted

palm tree cupcakes

With Cupcakes (our daughter) around, we can’t eat whatever we want.  If we eat a cupcake, she obviously wants some.  If we eat fries, she points and shouts “fries!  fries!  fries!”  Since I’m trying to teach her healthy eating habits, I don’t want her to have those things or eat them in front of her.  So it was nice to enjoy some treats.  We could also eat whenever we wanted.  To get the most ocean time, we ended up having late dinners.

– 2 –

Free to Enjoy the Ocean without Fear!

The ocean is a beautiful, amazing thing, but when you have a toddler, it can be very scary!  We are planning on having a Family Vacation next time, but it was great to swim freely.   We really took advantage of the waves.  🙂

– 3 –

The Ability to Sleep In

We haven’t slept in in about 19 months so this was the number one reason I wanted to go away on our own.  It was amazing to stay out late and sleep in as long as we wanted.  One day we slept until 9:30 and it was GLORIOUS!

One of my big worries before I left was that Cupcakes would have a hard time sleeping in a different place and in a pack n play.  After that first night, however, she slept perfectly!  Phew!!

– 4 –

Queen and King of our Own Castle

At home, Cupcakes is queen of the castle.  We adjust to her schedule in most cases.  It was nice to get to call the shots.  The main example is her nap.  Cupcakes sleeps between 11am-1pm.  That’s kind of a big chunk in the middle of the day where we have to stay planted at home.  We were able to take a day to go to Key Largo.  It ended up being sucky because there are no beaches but it was still fun to be spontaneous / go on an adventure.  Now that I think about it though, Cupcakes could have slept in the car… it was a long ride.

– 5 –

Going out at Night

We used to be able do this when we lived at my parents’ house.  Thankfully, we live on our own now but that means no more going out at night.  (Unless we want to ask my mom to come hang out at my place for a few hours…)  So we had a great time going out to late dinners and doing other fun things out on the town after bedtime.  🙂

– 6 –

Plane Rides are Difficult for Little Ones

Plane rides are difficult enough for me – an adult who knows what’s going on and knows how to make it a little better.  First of all, my ears hurt SO BAD on planes!  I don’t know if you all have the same experience, but for some reason it’s really painful for me.  I did learn from our rental car guy that you can hold your nose and blow so that helps, but I don’t know what to do for Cupcakes.  When she was younger, I used to nurse her at take off to help with her ears and that seemed to work fine, but we no longer nurse.

The other big problem is that plane rides are boring.  I like to read on the plane.  I can bring books and coloring and toys for Cupcakes, but she’s a toddler and if you’ve ever had a toddler, you know that doesn’t hold the attention for very long.  I’m not sure what she’d do on a 3 hour plane ride…

– 7 –

The Reunion

I missed Cupcakes SOOOOO much!!!   I knew I would miss her and I really did, but it was actually a little better than expected.  My mom assured me that she was happy and doing fun things so that was a huge relief.  I was able to relax and have a good time knowing that she wasn’t walking around the house looking for me.  My other big concern was that I didn’t know if she would know that I was coming back to her.  I loved being able to see and hold her again, but she was very hesitant at first.  I do not know what she thought about everything, but her reaction to my homecoming was not what I expected.  I held her on the chair and she just stared at me.  At one point she almost pouted her lip out and it really looked like she was about to burst into tears.  Thank God she didn’t because then I definitely would have started crying!  I don’t know what that meant though.  One of my twitter friends was really talking me through this spouse-only vacation (lol).  This was one of our conversations:


The pool noodles we brought home made Cupcakes come around.  🙂  It is so good to be back together with her.  I just kept telling her next time it’ll be a FAMILY vacation!

I didn’t know if skype would help or harm and am still not really sure what Cupcakes thought of it.  We had a really poor connection and only did it twice.  When Cupcakes did she us, she looked confused and hesitant.  Have you ever tried skype with a toddler??

Have you ever left your Little Ones for any amount of time?  How did you and your family do??

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  1. Have you tried chewing bubblegum? I always heard that would help, but I don’t have problems with it so I don’t do it. The hold your nose and blow thing sounds like torture to me lol.

    • AdminJamin says:

      Yes I have tried that but it doesn’t work for me. 🙁 The first time I tried the hold nose and blow trick, I did it way too hard and it HURT! I am far more cautious now lol.

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