My Wedding A-Z Part 2

As promised, here’s the second half of the alphabet – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about my Wedding!  I hope you’re having half as much fun reading this as I am writing it!  🙂  Click HERE to read Part 1.


Pretty much traditional and beautiful music for the ceremony.
For the reception, we hired an iPod DJ, which I LOVED and HIGHLY recommend!  Every song that came on, I said, “Oh my gosh I LOVE this song!!”  (because I picked it.)  We got to pick all of the music and it was perfect!  The DJ that came to MC did a great job, we had all our favorite music and saved a TON of money!

Our DJ is in the background on the right there.  This is my best picture of him.  Oops.

Hubby picked the Rocky Theme for us and the Wedding Party to walk in to – it was classic!

Our First Dance: Lost in this Moment by Big and Rich *Perfect*


One of the happiest moments of my life!  <3

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Old: My grandma’s bracelet (pictured below)

New: Pearl necklace from my mom

Borrowed: My sister’s pearl earrings and my mom’s diamond earrings (pictured above)

Blue: The Miraculous Medal on my rosary, which I held along with my bouquet (See the little blue oval?)


Bella Photographers
I LOVED them!  They were a bit pricy, but pictures were one of the most important things to me because they last forever whereas everything else just lasted the one day.  So I wasn’t going to cut costs here.
Our photographer had great ideas, was fun and professional.  He did a great job!

Question Popping

I wrote that whole story HERE.  🙂


They’re both engraved: Totus Tuus, which is Latin for “Totally Yours”.  We chose this phrase for Mary (Pope John Paul II’s “motto”) and for each other.


I am NOT a high heels person; I am a COMFORT person!  Ballet slippers all the way – I loved them!  🙂


They matched the bridesmaids dresses with colored vests and ties.  Otherwise they were traditional – black pants, white shirt, black jacket.  My dad really wanted to wear a bow tie and everyone else wore long ties (windsor?).  I think they looked awesome!

My brother and sister in law

I think my wedding party looked amazing!


I think the uniqueness was in the rainbows and all the personal touches that made my day so special.  I really carried the Rainbow Theme – right down to the Place Cards!

Not only were there rainbow ribbons embellishing the tops of each one, but can you see the stickers indicating meal choice?  Rainbows for beef, different colored stars for chicken.  🙂  My friend Leah helped me make these.


I LOVE Catholic Vows!

This was the most important part of my wedding.  This is the sacrament.  This is where we became united in Christ.  For always.

I Calvin, take you Jamie, to be my wife…
I Jamie, take you, Calvin, to be my husband…

“I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health.
I will love you and honor you
all the days of my life.”

These words, spoken to each other, changed us forever.

Wedding Woes

My wedding was everything I dreamed it would be and it went off without a hitch!  I guess since you’re asking, the one thing I would change would be to have rainbow daisies instead of carnations.  (Explanation in the previous wedding post)

X Rated

I was SO nervous about the garter toss!  Sitting at the center of attention while my bran new husband goes up my dress to pull something off my leg?!  ::Face Bright Red::  But then one day on the way to my friend / bridesmaid’s house, I had this BRILLIANT idea!  I told my friend and her sister what I was planning and they thought it would be really funny and encouraged me not to chicken out.  So they became my partners in… crime?

My sister and mom were pretty critical of all my colorful ideas for my rainbow wedding, thinking most of them were too loud, outlandish and ridiculous.  I’ll show YOU ridiculous!  Hahahahha

I knew Hobbs would get a good laugh out of it too and I kept it a surprise for him (and my mom and sister):

That’s right – bright rainbow knee socks.  Perfect!  Hobbs laughed so hard!  (He knew I was nervous about the garter toss and promised not to do anything embarrassing right before it happened.  How sweet.  <3)

You May Now Kiss the Bride

Zzz… the End

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  1. so fun! Love all the rainbowness it’s sooo different!!

  2. I just love weddings! Yours sounds so wonderful! I love that you wore the rainbow socks haha! I was so nervous about that part as well.

    Love the stained glass in the front of your church!

  3. I agree with the ceremony being the most important part of your wedding day. I actually just had this conversation with my husband who’d informed a few of his co-workers it’d be okay to skip it and just head to the reception. It was fine as long as our closest friends and family were there to witness our vows because they’re so meaningful to your shared life together.

    As much as I LOVED our reception, I would marry him all over again and skip the party if I had to.

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