Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about my Wedding {A-Z}

[Today is also the  6th anniversary of the day we first held hands #aww]

A looooong time ago, I read a post by The Juice is Worth the Squeeze and was so inspired that I pinned it in order to link her and write my A-Z Wedding Post on my anniversary.  🙂

I am (and have been for months and months) SO incredibly excited to write and share this post with you.  This was one of the three best days of my life.  <3 (Best Day of My Life, 3rd Best Day of My Life)  I would love to relive my Wedding Day a few more times.  Since time travel is still impossible (thank God – seems wayyy to complicated for we humans), I’ll relive it here with you.

My Wedding A-Z


There were right around 100 people there.  We didn’t invite too many more than that and the turnout was impressive considering we have a lot of out-of-state family.


My sister – Jenn – was my Maid of Honor [Pink]
My sister-in-law – Amy – was a bridesmaid [Blue]
My friend from Jr High – Kim – was a bridesmaid [Purple]
My friend from High School – Lisa – was a bridesmaid [Green]


If you hadn’t already noticed, I had a Rainbow Wedding.  It was absolutely perfect.  The cake made it into the theme.  🙂  It was also delicious – marble cake with strawberry filling.  Buttercream (I think) frosting.  And we found a cake topper that was *just right*


I love my dress!  I went to House of Brides – same place my mom got her dress – a couple of times.  When I found “the one”, I was with my mom and sister.  I only tried on 4-5 dresses and this was one of the first.  When I said that phrase, my sister started crying.  My mom called my dad and then told me that they wanted to pay for the gown (we were going to split it), which was an awesome surprise!  I wanted poofy – ball gown.  And I got it.  I also wanted a Cathedral-length train, bling, sweetheart neckline, and a little downward peak at the skirt.

Oh and long fingerless gloves!  The purse was also perfect – just my taste.  🙂
















Well, we met walking across the country (that story is currently being unfolded here), and got engaged a year and a half after meeting – on Valentine’s Day in Valentine Hall in college.  🙂  You can read our proposal story HERE.


I wanted rainbow Gerber Daisies but the florists I talked to said that was impossible to dye that kind of flower for a wedding.  It’s disappointing because I see Gerber and regular daisies at Jewel all the time that are dyed a bunch of different colors.  So, since the flowers weren’t that important to me, we went with carnations (except me- I had white roses) to save money.  [We had a small budget and I stuck to it!]  Daisies would have been perfect though… Check out the bridesmaids picture above to see how they dyed the carnations.  🙂

For the reception, the girls and myself put all our bouquets into vases on the head table.  They made very nice centerpieces and it was another perfect way to cut costs!


Hobbs’ best friend – Curt was the Best Man [Pink]
My brother – Jeff was a groomsman [Blue]
Our friend from college – Russ was a groomsman [Purple]
Our Walk Leader and Hobbs’ friend from high school – Chris was a groomsman [Green]


Le sigh….. our honeymoon was magnificent!  We went to the Sandals Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  We got the idea from – no joke – the Office.  That is where Michael took Jan.  I always knew I wanted to go to a tropical island and all-inclusive is definitely the way to go!  It was absolutely amazing and I want to go back so so bad!

Beautiful Beach

Newlyweds at Sunset

Our incredible beachfront-walkout room <3 We set the little carib beer can on the table to identify it as ours when we walked back from the beach.  🙂


Sadly and inexplicably, I don’t have a picture of my invitation.  🙁  I’m sure I have one somewhere around here.  If I can find one to photograph, I’ll add it in later.  I can tell you that I designed them myself on an awesome website called scrapblog.com, which (much to my anguish) went out of business and is no longer functioning.  They had rainbows and awesome design-y shapes and included this picture on the front:

Justice of the Peace

Actually a Catholic priest.  Actually 2 priests.

The Celebrant was Father David, a beloved priest at our parish.
We also had a concelebrant – Abbot Hugh, from our college.  Initially, he declined our invitation to officiate because there was a rule at the abby against it.  At the last minute, he was able to come!  I think that may have thrown Fr. David off a bit, but it was great.  🙂

Father David in front – holding the Eucharist, Abbot Hugh in the back there.


A lot of my wedding was DIY so I had my bridesmaids come over for ‘parties’ to help put them together.  We made bubble wands with tulle and beads that matched the dresses / tuxes, and little glasses with colored m&ms that had the following phrases: One Heart, our names, and the wedding date.  I also made CDs with Hobbs – totally worth it but WAY more work than I imagined!

Ladies Night

My sister threw me an awesome bachelorette party.  I’m not into all the “dirty” aspects of those kinds of parties but all for bowling (my sister’s idea and a surprise), drinking, and singing karaoke with strangers!  I had SO much fun!  At the end we called one of our (guy) friends to come join us.  Totally illegal, I know, but I’m super happy he can now say he’s been to a Bachelorette party because of me.  🙂  He also drove me home since my two best (craziest) friends left with said strangers.  Even at the end of my bachelorette party, I knew that was not a good idea.  [Though, to tell you the truth, they made it home safely so it wasn’t as dangerous as I thought] 🙂

* My sister on the left, me jumping on my bff, Leah <3 *

To be continued…

My Wedding M-Z

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  1. Cute! Great post. I love reading everyones wedding stuff 🙂
    We did DIY too. And I did not do the dirty stuff either. Dinner out and drinking 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary Jamie! 🙂 I hope you two have a wonderful day! I love this A-Z idea and I am so doing this in a few weeks for our anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love this post idea 🙂

  4. You look fabulous! Can’t wait to dive into the story of how you met next! Thanks for hosting this week’s blog hop 🙂

  5. Looks like such a beautiful wedding! I love that cake, and your wedding dress!!


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