What and How to Feed a Toddler Part 2

Read this for some great ideas on what to feed your kids; I get burnt out on cooking the same ‘ol stuff all the time, and if you do too, this is a great blog post for you to read! 

I’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive response to my first How to Feed a Toddler post that I decided to write another one.  I wanted to continue it anyway because one of my 1001 in 101 goals is to find 100 Healthy and Yummy snacks for my toddler.  So many of you had great suggestions when you commented on my last post!!  I’m going to incorporate my favorites into this one.  🙂

This time I’ve consulted experts to help with my post: preschool & toddler teachers as well as parents of toddlers and the little ones themselves!  Enjoy…

46 MORE Healthy Meal & Snack Ideas

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Toddler Meal Ideas:

** Remember to serve some kind of fruit each time you feed your little one. **
** I have several boards on pinterest for you to check out: Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas, Dinner Ideas, Snack Ideas, Dessert Ideas, (<– not necessarily healthy) Meal and Snack Ideas for my Toddler, Pins I’ve Actually Done **

Breakfast Ideas:

1.) “Sugar Oatmeal” Don’t freak out at the word sugar – I’m sure the way I make it actually has less sugar than the “low sugar” instant oatmeal you can buy.  You just boil 1 minute oats, dish out over a little bit of butter and sprinkle on a tiny bit of sugar.
* In a comment, Kristina suggested putting frozen fruit in hot oatmeal to help cool it down and add some delicious nutrition.  Great one!!apple rings 1

2.) Home-made Granola Bars
3.) Make your own bag of cereal – mix all his/her favorite healthies!  There are a bunch of healthy, whole-grain and low sugar Cheerios options.
4.) Yogurt – I was told over and over in the comments of my last post to serve WHOLE fat (not low fat) yogurt to children this young.  Noted.  Thank you!  I found (on pinterest) a way to make yogurt in a crock pot!
5.) Banana Bread – so delicious!
6.) Apple Ring Pancakes

7.) Oatmeal of Champions (don’t add nuts if your child is too young / allergic)
8.) Whole Wheat Toast with Cinnamon sprinkled on top (not cinnamon sugar; ground cinnamon)
9.) Wholemeal Toast with Peanut Butter and Bananas
10.) Overwhelming favorite from kids I interviewed (not creepy – I work in a daycare. (: ) — MUFFINS!  Try this recipe: Spiced Coconut Squash Muffins

Lunch Ideas:

1.) Chicken Caesar Sliders (Cupcakes and I both loved these!)ceasar slider 2


2.) Annie’s Mac n Cheese – compare to Kraft, but organic with all natural cheese.  Still delicious!  Sold at Whole Foods and Target
3.) Wheat Sandwiches with crusts (I’m not going to start the ‘cut my crusts off’ trend in our house!).  My husband adds bananas.
4.) Whole Wheat Pasta
5.) Naan / Roti – The Shaytards make this Indian bread all the time.
6.) Megan K suggested Small Veggie Pizzas in a comment (crescent roll dough baked and spread with cream cheese and topped with chopped carrots, broccoli, cucumbers and to

7.) Sandwich wraps using sliced cooked chicken, ham or turkey (as opposed to processed deli meats) and cheese – so banana dog 3much fun with tortillas!
8.) Mfish suggested grilled cheese on whole wheat with sweet potato fries
9.) Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups with multigrain tortillas, strawberries, pretzel rods.  (Check out this site by clicking the link to see all of the other ideas – 173 ideas total!!)
10.) Banana Hotdog (I got a lot of recoil on my last post for suggesting hotdogs since they are so processed so I hope my readers appreciate this one a little more)

Dinner Ideas:

Always serve some healthy veggies with dinner.  Cupcakes favorite is PEAS!  (“Pea Pea Pea!” – Cupcakes)  Don’t forget the fruit either!  😉

I add Wheat Germ (“Cupcakes’ Sprinkles”) to Cupcakes’ pasta and pizza and she LOVES it.  She even pinches some in her fingers and eats it straight up.  It adds a nutritional boost so why not??

Give your LO(s) pieces of the same foods you eat (that’s right – you should eat healthy food too!)

1.) The Most Delicious Pork Chops I’ve ever had.  3 Ingredients in the Crockchicken 4

Pot – Cupcakes loved them too!
2.) Homemade Chicken Nuggets – these are great and you can freeze a bunch t

o use later!
3.) Ritz Cracker Chicken – so yummy.
4.) Tacos with home-made seasoning or Chicken Fajita Tacos.  Hobbs uses half a tortilla and pinches all the edges for Cupcakes.  She even says “taco!”  🙂
5.) Make Your Own Pineapple Pizza – when Little One is old enough, s/he can help!
6.) Tammy left a GREAT comment: Sweet Potato Patty that I make with mashed sweet potatoes, quinoa (or quinoa flakes) (a whole protein – great meat alternative), some wild rice, chopped green onion, dried cranberries, and thyme.
7.) Cornflakes Chicken with Bow Tie Noodles


8.) Peanut Butter & Banana Grilled Sandwiches 
9.) Shredded Pork, lightly seasoned with steamed, chopped carrots that have cinnamon and a little bit of butter mixed in (plus a lot of other ideas!)
10.) Spinach Lasagna Rolls

Snack Ideas:

** Juice is still not advised!  My pedi told us that no matter how healthy the carton claims their juice to be, fresh fruits and vegetables are always so much better.  @AskDocG on twitter (someone who always answers my toddler health questions no matter how many there are, lol) has given me similar advice.  Milk and Water are the ideal drinks to serve.   **

1.) Apple Straws (so delicious and very low sugar!!) (Found at Target!)
2.) Veggie Sticks / Straws (not sure if these actually have nutrition, but they docucumber 5

have a lot of vitamins and are much healthier than chips)
3.) Cheese Sticks with Whole Wheat Crackers
4.) Cucumber Snack – good alternative to crackers all the time!


5.) FRESH FRUIT IS THE BEST SNACK!!  Cupcakes’ favorites: clementines, bananas (“Nanas!”), Grapes, Blueberries (which you can get by themselves for $1 at McDonalds!), Strawberries (really affordable at the moment), Apple slices, Apricots.watermelon pops 6
6.) Fruit Popsicles are great for summer.  Blend real fruit into a juice and make it into popsicles.
7.) Annie’s Bunnies (like goldfish but healthier, still taste great) and Annie’s Hunny Grahams (like Teddy Grahams but healthier, still taste great).  🙂   These organic snacks can be found at Whole Foods or Target.

8.) Watermelon on sticks – GENIUS ‘popsicle’ idea!



9.) Ellen suggested Fruit Kabobs with marshmallows in a comment – love it!
10.) Laura commented Fruit Chips – Freeze Dry or Dehydrate fruit slices
11.) Trista suggested Chickpeas and Hummus
12.) Homemade Vanilla Pudding with a few sprinkles
13.) Boiled Eggs, sliced (plus a ton of other ideas on this site!)
14.) Jello & Cool Whip (I wouldn’t do this often but as a special treat.  There is some sugar in Jello, but Cool Whip seems pretty healthy; there’s not much to it)
15.) Home-made Cheese Crackers (another gold fish alternative like Annie’s Bunnies)
16.) Banana slices dipped in yogurt (and other great dipping ideas!)

** Get your toddler used to eating fruit all by itself – no need to add sugar or peanut better.  🙂 **

Mealtime Practices:

* No screens!  This is a tempting rule for me to break, but I’m improving.  Mealtime should be family time, time for conversation.  Avoid having the TV on or the computer in front of you.  If you can, keep your phone in your pocket as well.  🙂

* Have your toddler practice using a fork.  At her 18 month well check, I had to fill out a questionnaire about what Cupcakes is able to do at this point.  One thing she still struggles with is keeping the spoon / fork upright instead of turning it over and having all the food fall off.  So we practice.

* Try putting a little bit of water in a cup to have him / her get used to it.  Smart and hilarious!

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* Disclaimer: This is a compilation of others’ ideas I’ve found on pinterest, ideas from the experts I work with (see above), suggestions in the comments from my first post, as well as my own ideas.  I do not claim credit for everything on this list and have linked the other blogs to give credit where it’s due.  THANKS FOR READING AND PINNING / REPINNING!  I really, REALLY appreciate it!  <3

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  1. This seems like something that should be on your list! I don’t have a toddler, but I like snacks.

  2. Great list, but I would stay clear of cool whip myself, even occassionally. Hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor are enough to make me rather use the real stuff.

    • AdminJamin says:

      Forgive this ignorant question but: What is the real stuff? Thanks for the info!

      • I used to use cool whip but now just buy real whip cream. You can buy it in liquid carton and make yourself or get in aerosol. Obviously the aerosol will last longer than the liquid but you can just get small containers of liquid. I just beat the liquid with some vanilla and bit of icing sugar until desired consistency.

        • AdminJamin says:

          Ok perfect! I’ll have to try this – thanks so much for the tip!

          • Or you could use the real real stuff, and whip some cream. Really doesn’t take that long and you can flavor it if you wanted to. Plus no nasties.

            (Not judging)

  3. I’m not a toddler but i want to eat these snacks! YUMMY

  4. Jenilee says:

    My girls are 14 months and enjoy hot dogs. For those freaking out about preservatives- we eat Oscar Meyer’s select Angus beef hot dog. No artificial preservatives and gluten free. My girls also love roasted carrots and cauliflower, spaghetti with sauce(marinara or Alfredo), Mac n cheese(Annie’s), just about any fruit, yogurt(yo baby and yo toddler), jelly on wheat bread or jelly and whipped cream cheese on wheat, cereal bars from Nature’s Best, and just about any breakfast food!

    Thanks for these ideas- they have come in handy lately since one of my twins has been a picky eater and then the other follows!

  5. Kristina Rall says:

    I don’t know if I’m opening your blog in the wrong view or something but I always seem to have a problem with the advertisements on the left side of the page. The funny thing is, they always seem to cover the lunch items on your kid food blogs.
    Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong because I really want to see your lunch ideas.

  6. AdminJamin says:

    Oh no that is annoying, Kristina; I’m sorry! I want you to be able to see the ideas too! I think I know how to fix it. Try scrolling to the bottom of my blog. There should be a button that says mobile: on / off. If you see that, click it to on.

    I really hope that helps. Please let me know if you can!!


  7. For homemade chicken nuggets I put the raw chopped chicken and an egg in the blender make into little tiny patties shape them weird like McDonalds and then bread them and bake it gives the same texture as the store bought or fast food ones for those who have a hard time breaking the junk food habit ( this worked for my son who has autism and sensory texture issues ie very picky)


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