Crossroads: Hobbs’ Hometown

The First Parts to this Crossroads / How I Met my Husband Love Story

This was our Favorite RV Parking Spot!  <3

As you might know, I am from Chi-Town.

Well HOBBS is from Montana!
We all came from different parts of the country.  🙂

Hobbs’ hometown was at the beginning of the walk and we were already the best of friends by the time we got there.  Hobbs introduced me to Gilmore Girls (the first seasons up until Roarie goes to college are a lot of fun).  He brought a huge DVD case with all his movies and Gilmore Girls seasons on this walk.  We had more time to watch them than you might think.  Anyway, we were going through this series, which I had rarely watched before Crossroads.

Hobbs’ Hometown weekend wasn’t one host family but 3 or 4.  This happened because it’s hard sometimes, for one family to accomodate 12 people in their house.  Hobbs’ parents were one of the host families and Hobbs and I were such good friends that by then we wanted me to stay at his house with a couple others and him at their house so we could hang out.

The Hobbs’ had everyone over for dinner one night so there were a ton of people in his house.  Hobbs and I wanted to watch Gilmore Girls (I swear I am not promoting this show; it’s just part of the story lol) but he had gone M.I.A.  So I asked his mom if she’d seen him.  She wasn’t sure but said I could just start watching without him.  Well I didn’t want to do that.  Clearly, we already liked each other but didn’t know it yet.  It might seem obvious to you reading this, but we didn’t know or admit it to ourselves.

BUT!!!  Hobbs’ mom says she knew.  She could tell even that early in the walk that we liked each other.  Isn’t that amazing??  A mother knows…

And here they are dancing the Mother-Son dance at our wedding.  <3
(This is a sneak peak – wedding posts forthcoming!!  Look around July 10th)

Well, I’m getting behind but I don’t want these posts to get too long… which do you think is better: a few looong posts in this series or a ton of short ones like this??

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  1. I always think it’s funny in “love stories” when it is SOOOO obvious to everyone on the outside (friends & family) can tell or know when 2 ppl are “in love” or “like each other” and the two people in the story are SOOO OBLIVIOUS to it.

    Was moving to Chicago a culture shock for Hobbs? I know moving here isn’t really a “small town” but it has a “small town vibe” and it’s sooo weird to me.

  2. I kinda wish they were a tad bit longer! mainly cuz i dont wanna stop reading

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