How I Met My Husband Part III

Does anyone else get the feeling that this story is kind of taking over my blog.  If you’re bored, I’m sorry.  It’s a long and amazing story and you’ll all be better off having read it (;-))

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Last time I told you about that fight that nearly unraveled our relationship before we were even in one, but then, he redeemed himself.

You see, I have this fear of spiders.  I know what you’re thinking: every girl says they’re afraid of spiders.  Lame.  No.  I am so serious.  I am terrified of them… always have been.  I have nightmares.  They get in the way of my life.  It is a phobia.  Judge me for being girly all you like.  I think 8-legged-terrorists are from the devil.  My dad says they’re God’s creatures, but I don’t know… I have a lot of theories.  I digress.

On the weekend after our first week of walking, I went to bed and one of the beasts appeared in the room I shared with Smooze.  You might think (if you were previously judging me) that since I had just met these people, I would be too shy & embarrassed to ask for help.  Nope.  I cannot deal with spiders on my own.  I had no choice; I went downstairs, explained that I am afraid of spiders and asked if someone could come kill it for me.

Hobbs readily volunteered!  He came up and killed it for me.  Phew.  I was so nice’d out that he would do that for me and not laugh at me.  That was a big deal to me.

*** By the way, at the beginning of the walk, I was in a rebound relationship with a guy I’ll call “G-Money” for my blogging purposes.  That relationship followed a very very dark time in my life when I dated a guy I’ll call “A”.  Crossroads was kind of a new beginning for me.  I had had a rough year prior to it.***

After the first week, I was on Hobbs’s shift again and walked with him often.  At the beginning, the girls who did walk with him said he never talked.  But he talked to me.  :)  Before that I had only been walking with El Capitan (pictured right with another walker).

I loved almost everyone on the walk.  However, I did not get along with the assistant walk leader, “Al”.  He was three years younger than me (18 at the time), bossy, condescending and grouchy.  All is forgiven now, but this is something you need to know to understand the rest of this story and the beginnings of our relationship.

So for the next few weeks, I always walked with Hobbs and we became very good friends.  When you walk 20 miles a day with a person, there’s a lot of time to talk.  Each 5 mile shift took at minimum an hour and fifteen minutes.  So that’s 5 hours a day.  Just walking and talking.  What would you talk about with strangers???

[I realize this is a super long story so I am thrilled with those of you who actually want to and are reading it!  <3]

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  1. It’s okay I love these kinds of stories :)

  2. Your Sissssyyyyy says:


  3. Jamie!! It is such a small world!! I am so happy to be reconnected with you and Calvin. And Cupcake! She’s adorable! I am so happy you are writing about Crossroads, it definitely inspires me to do the same! (seeing as we met our husband BOTH walking on Crossroads!). Your blog is great as well! Mine has JUST started but its encouraging to see you and other moms doing it! I will be sure to check back in often! God bless you!

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