Crossroads: How I Met My Husband Part II

What is Crossroads?
How I Met my Husband Part I 

After that … less than perfect impression that I made on Hobbs, we didn’t talk much.  I don’t think he was really upset with me, but we just didn’t talk.

We are both pretty shy people.  Like I told you the other day, it took a lot of my courage to go up to him and simply introduce myself.

Since I had been with some of the Roaders since that past Wednesday I knew them a little better.  El Capitan, our walk leader came right after I did and I even went to the airport with the trainers to pick him up.  I was comfortable with him and got along really well with him.  So even though Hobbs was on Day Shift with me that first week, I chose to walk with El Capitan.  I didn’t have any feelings for him or anything; I just thought he was super nice and I liked him a lot.

Before Hobbs and I were friends, we got in a big fight and didn’t like each other much.  This is what happened:

This was the first week walking so for someone as un-athletic as myself, it was VERY difficult.  Try to imagine living a sedentary lifestyle one day and then all of a sudden walking 20 miles a day in 5 mile spurts the next.  It was HARD.

So when Hobbs parked the Littlest Van a half mile past the 5 mile mark and then far down the side road, I was understandably upset.  So I slammed the sliding door open and demanded to know what was wrong with him.  I’m not sure what exact words I used, but I didn’t hide my anger very well.

He claims that we drove too far right after that, but it was only a tiny bit farther and we had to do it because we were not able to park on a bridge.  Understandable.

So yeah.  We weren’t friends at first.  Definitely not in love.

He did something HUGE for me the following weekend that completely changed my views on him though.  Read Part III here!  🙂

Was it <3 Love at First Sight <3 with YOUR spouse??


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  1. Can this story be any longer? LOL I want to know how it ends!

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