Memoir Series: Bap-a-tism

“When I was Bap-a-tized, I turned into a Dragon!”
– a 1st Grade Student in a Catechism class I once taught.  <3 

If these are really my memoirs, and since I already told you the embarrassing story of how my lif ebegan, I have to include the beginning of my spiritual life…

I was born on July 5th, 1985 <– a birth date which I happen to think is pretty sweet.  And a few months later, my parents had me baptized.

Baptism, for Catholics, is a sacrament in which children are welcomed into God’s family.  Parents make promises to raise the child in the faith.  [Catholics: did you know that every time you dip your hand in Holy Water and make the sign of the cross, you renew those Baptismal promises for yourself?  I digress…]

I’m grateful for a lot of things that were completely out of my control: my wonderful family, being born free in this country, and most importantly, being born and baptized into the Catholic faith.  I might not always have said that, but that’s a story for another blog post.

Back to my Baptism story.  The same priest who arranged my Dad’s adoption and who married my parents sealed me in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Cool, huh?

***If you didn’t already know, my Catholic Faith is a huge part of my life so it will be in my memoirs.  🙂 ***

When I was pregnant and taking Baptism classes for my daughter, I was so excited and told Hobbs that we had to get her baptized as soon as possible.  Cupcakes was baptized 24 days after she was born by a coworker of mine that also worked at the Catholic school where I used to teach – Fr. Tim.  🙂

As someone who got to see the sacrament and actually be aware of what was going on, it was absolutely amazing!  I was so happy to make the promises to do my best to raise Cupcakes in the faith I love so much.

Were You Baptized?
Did You Baptize Your Little One?

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  1. It is crazy I was also less than a month old. I was born the beginning of march and baptized the end of march/beg of april. I have told people that and they think that is crazy when people wait several months. My mom said it was an old italian tradition that you don’t take the baby out of the house until the baby is baptized so they did it as soon as possible. My mom always tells me this story how they had to go find a hall to have the baptism party and they took me and my grandma got mad because I hadn’t been baptized yet. 🙂

    I did not know that about the holy water but I feel like I should have known that [oops].

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