Memoir Thursday: My 1st Friend

I know I don’t do this every Thursday but Thursday remains the day that I’ll use if I decide to write the details of my life.  I got the feeling today that doing this is pretty odd.  Who knows who will read it and why would those who do read it care?  I don’t know if / why any of you would like to read the details of my life, but I feel like writing about it.  Maybe the answer to this conundrum is to use a different blog to write such personal things, but I do write about my little Cupcakes so maybe my life would provide background to posts about her?

What do you think?  Do you write about your past on your professional baby blog?

My 1st Friend

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I don’t remember him very well, if at all.  I might actually be confusing him with a boy I met when I was older.  Anyway, his name was Danny and he lived in the apartment building where we lived.  My mom was friends with his mom so him and I played together.  We lived in that apartment until I was three.  I know Danny was among the guests at my first birthday party.

Danny if you’re reading this (ha!): Thanks for being my first friend!

LOL.  I’m sure he doesn’t remember me because I’m not even sure I remember him (of if I’m just remembering hearing about him).  Maybe his mom didn’t tell him about me, or maybe he had a ton of friends before and during our friendship.  Hahaha.  Have you ever thought about this stuff?

Who was YOUR first friend??

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