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Happy Friday!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to another Friday!!  🙂  Here’s your weekly cupcake:

Mmm I love mint chocolate chip!!

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Cupcakes Spotlight

Since picnik is no longer (WAAAHHH!!!) and I can’t find the collage feature on creative kit (google+) – not even sure that feature came over… I am only featuring ONE Cupcake item this week.  Don’t worry, I picked a good one!

Original Cupcake Handpainted Mixed Media by Cocodeparis

Source: etsy.com via Jamie on Pinterest


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My dad has been in the hospital this week.  I know he wouldn’t want me to talk about it on my blog so I’ll just ask for your prayers.  Thanks. <3

Cupcakes cut her hand while I was at work yesterday and Hobbs called me.  I freaked out (obviously) because I couldn’t see how bad it was.  He wasn’t sure if she needed stitches or not.  Thankfully, my boss let me leave early.  By the time I got home, it was looking much better and stopped bleeding.  She pinched it in the accordion closet doors which are sharp in that middle part so she also got cut.  Poor baby!

Anyone have any advice on how to keep a band-aid on a little one’s thumb?!?!?!

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Cooking has been going very well lately.  I already posted about the first pins I’ve tried, but here are some more:


I LOVED both of these – super delicious and highly recommended!! Although, I should note, both were time-consuming!  We’re having some friends over next week and I think I might make both of these items because they’re so tasty.  🙂

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Ikea Adventures

We’ve been to Ikea so many times in the past two weeks.  We’ve had to go back a few times to return items and wound up leaving with more.  I always have so much fun in Ikea.  The end of the trip is always a nightmare though  – especially with a toddler!  She runs out of patience and when she does it’s very sudden.  Unfortunately, Ikea is a labyrinth and there aren’t many escape points.  It has a very specific and pleasant smell… anyone else know what I’m talking about?

Here’s a picture of our completed Entertainment Center from there… you know, the one Cupcakes helped Hobbs put together?

Do you love it??

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Free Redbox: Another Great Pin

This actually works!  Hobbs and I used the promo code DVDONME and got a free movie just the other night!!  And the best news is you can use the code for each of your credit / debit cards!  So go watch some free movies.  🙂

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Thanks again and have a



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  1. You should download Picasa! Use the collage feature all the time. I didn’t use Picnik much, but I would imagine that it’s pretty similar. Fun cupcake features as always. I’m glad that your cooking has been going well.

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  2. I love mint chocolate chip too! Have you tried PicMonkey? I used to use Picnik too. 🙁 Keeping your dad in my thoughts and prayers. Those dishes look tasty. I’ll have to see what else you’ve been cooking. Enjoy the weekend and TGIF!

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