Where I’m From

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I am from blankets, from Little People and Lambie.

I am from an eclectic, child-centered, and warm home.

I am from the grass, maple tree, rough bark, the milkweed, daisy, array of color.

I am from the Holidays – Christian & more, and from silliness, from John and Carolyn and Jenn and Jeff.

I am from the space lessons and excitement.

From intentionally-mispronounced words and “if you only had a brain”.

I am from Catholicism.  The beauty of the fullness of the Truth.

I’m from Chicago, Ireland and Poland, chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookie dough.

From the brother who was almost hit by a rock, the big dirt hill that became a house, and the room I shared with my sister.

I am from scrapbooks, calendars, photo albums, floppy disks, and eventually flash drives.


There is so much more I can say / so many different words I could have used for each section… I might do a part 2.  I want to start a memoirs series so I can write about my life.  I’m not sure if that’s the kind of thing anyone would be interested in reading, but I really would like to write it… We’ll see what happens.  🙂  I hope you enjoyed this little poem….

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  1. SO cute! Today your are in my google reader! 🙂


  1. […] Tweet Remember how I wanted to start my own Memoirs Series?  Here’s my second post of that series that I’m trying to start.  (It’s more difficult that I thought it would be!)  My first was a poem (that I wrote from a template – link in post) called Where I’m From. […]

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