You know it’s spring when you can go on a picnic!  That is SO exciting for me!  I so look forward to this season every year.  To go on a picnic with my little family was something that I have been dreaming about for a while.  I hope to have many more picnics like this one.

It was very windy, but still really good.  And somehow, I think we got a good window to go where the wind wasn’t quite as bad as it was at other times of the day.

When I found out it was going to be higher than 60 degrees, I wrote Hobbs a note:

Let’s go on a picnic!  Bring sandwiches, fruit, drinks and meet me at the park.
Oh and bring the red blanket – I’ll put it on the glider.
Go on a stroller walk with Cupcakes at 1:20 and I’ll come on my lunch break.
It’s going to be over 60 degrees today!
Text me when you get this.  :o)
Love, Jamie

I stuck the note on the fridge and then went to get Cupcakes ready for her day in our room.  I put the red blanket up on the chair (didn’t forget – yes!) and said goodbye to her and Hobbs.  Then it was off to work.

I got a text at some point that just said “picnic.”  Haha that’s my hubby! <3
So I said “What do you think?” and he answered “Good one.” LOL.  I love him.

For the rest of the day, I was so excited for my lunch break.  I LOVE picnics!

When it finally got to be 1:30, I drove towards the park and saw my little family just about arriving there.  By the time I parked, got out and started walking towards them, they were pretty much there.  First we went and found a spot to spread our blanket.  It was SO nice out!!!

As soon as Hobbs started to pull the food out, he handed Cupcakes her sandwich and she just dove right in, taking a huge bite right out of the middle.  It was so cute!  We also had grapes, little snacks, and Hobbs even brought Irish Soda Bread – my favorite March snack!!  The wind did blow our food away a little bit, LOL.  After we ate, we played on the playground with Cupcakes and had a great time!

Since I JUST got our FlipCam and don’t have much experience Vlogging, I haven’t learned yet how to put clips together to form a vlog movie.  So here are our snipbits…

Hobbs walking with Cupcakes to the Park

Me talking to you all, and scoping out all of the food

Going Down the Slide


Playing on the Playground – Down the Slide from Her Perspective!


Swinging in Swings

You can check out more videos from the Picnic and more on my Youtube Channel: Youtube.com/ForLoveofCupcakes

Have YOU been on a picnic / to the playground yet this season?!

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  1. How fun!! Looks like you guys had a great time. I can’t wait to go on a picnic with my family. I hope this weird winter weather is DONE for good! lol 😉

  2. Jamie up load your video slike normal to comuter than get onto imovie application. from there you can import movies and such onto imovie. that easy. need any help just text me :)

  3. It looks like a lovely picnic. I need a couple days of sunshine around here too.

  4. What a fun way to start the spring! Hopefully you’ll have more opportunities to do this again this year.

  5. Peaches says:

    I lol’d when Hobbs was trying to get her attention walking to the park…she’s in the stroller staring off and he goes, “She’s busy.” when she doesn’t respond hahah:)


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