Mirror Kisses and other Saturday Laughs

My Funniest Moments of the Week.

Enjoy!  And you should definitely watch the video – SO cute!  <3

5.) Even though Cupcakes was sick for the last 2ish weeks, she still had a fun time playing w the big dog stuffie and trying to get up the stairs.  Her Poppa had to try to keep stopping her from getting up there.  She just dives for it now and even though she understands “no“, she doesn’t always listen.

4.) Lately, she’s been pushing our hands off of her while being held.  I’m not sure how she thinks she’s going to stay up without any hands on her, lol.

3.) Funny Daycare Kid Quote of the Week:

There’s a baby in my belly named Molly and she’s just in there playing with rubber duckies.” – M  Excellent.

2.) I told you a little bit about Cupcakes’ first concert.  I’m going to write about it at length for (hopefully) tomorrow’s post, but before I do, I’ll share one hilarious moment.  At first she was very nervous by all the kids sitting in the gym of our daycare center, but after she got used to it, I moved with her towards the front so she could see the stuffed snowman.  Hobbs stayed in back.  Well, she spotted him from across the room and indicated to me that she wanted down.  I put her on the floor and she walked all the way over to him through all kinds of kids!  Great job, Cupcakes!

1.) This is the cutest thing ever!  She had been giving all of us kisses for a while, but she also kisses the baby in the mirror!!  <3

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  1. I love your laughs. Love that cupcakes is trying to push you away and thinking she could stand:) that video is priceless! She is just too cute. I love #2 so much! And the comment from your student is adorable. I look forward to reading your laughs all week! Come link up:) have a great weekend!

  2. Cute laughs! Love when they kiss mirrors, it is adorable 🙂

  3. Cute laughs!! Cupcakes is soo cute!
    Found your blog through the link up, I’m your newest follower

  4. Congrats, I have chosen to pass along the One Lovely Blog Award to you.
    Click here to see!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  5. Love your stories! The video is priceless! Stopping by from the Saturday’s Top 5 Laugh’s Blog Hop. Please stop by and read my laughs at http://www.chasingthewolfpack.com.


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