How to Get Tweeps to Click on Your Tweets


Hey everyone!  Do you want a better click through rate on your tweets?  Allow me to share some tips and tricks I’ve picked up on my way to Twitter Stardom (haha not that I’m arrogant or anything).

10 Ways to get your Tweets Clicked

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1.) Tweet about famous actors that women love like #RyanGosling.  Cheap, lol.  But it gets results (see above!) :) By the way, check out SerendipityMama’s blog; she’s great!  And if you want to read my #RyanGosling Hey Girl post, click this link: How to get your Husband to Read your Blog.

2.) Use hashtags (#).  They put your tweets into easily-searchable categories.  People looking for tweeps talking about Ryan Gosling will type #ryangosling into the search bar.  Shel Israel suggests that the twitter search bar is as effective (or more so) than Google’s!  If you want to know more, click to read my Book Review on his book, Twitterville.

3.) Ask a question that tweeps would want to answer.  This is useful if you have a blog with a comment section.

4.) Say something shocking!  (I’m not recommending being rude or vulgar.  That’s NMS.)

5.) Timing is very important!  Click to make the below picture bigger or see it on pinterest.




6.) Also from the above picture, the way you construct tweets is very important.  According to this, you should write tweets that are between 120-130 characters and add your link 25% of the way in.

7.) Use tweetdeck – it lets you schedule posts so you can tweet even when you can’t.  Enter your tweet into the field and then click the little clock at the bottom right of the tweet box.  That will let you tell tweet deck when to schedule what you’re saying.  Thanks to @MotherhoodTruth for help with that!

8.) Follow people in your niche.  I love following other moms and dads.  Since we’re all in the same boat, they will probably be interested in my tweets and click on them.

9.) Tweet great content that will make people want to click.  (But how can I come up with quality content??  Well that’s the million dollar question isn’t it?  I’m sorry I don’t have the answer.  What I can tell you is to think about what you would like to read.)

10.) As I always say, if you want people to click on the self-promotion tweets, you can’t just be about self-promotion.  Most of your tweets should be promoting others, helping the community and having conversations.  Only tweet about your stuff about 10% of the time.  That’s great advice that I picked up reading Wendy Piersall’s Mom Blogging for Dummies which I also reviewed (click the link to read it.  There’s a lot of great information in that post).

Do YOU have tips or tricks that get your tweets clicked??  Are you willing to share?  Leave me a comment or send me a tweet: @4LoveofCupcakes

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  1. THanks for the tips. I mostly tweet the same people:)

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