My Proposal Story Part 2

You talked to my parents?!  What did they say??!”  was the question I asked Hobbs right after I proposed.  Read Part 1 of my Engagement Story HERE.

So he started to tell me the story for a second time; I could hardly pay attention the first time because I was being proposed to for the first and only (my goofy husband would interject the word ‘ideally’ here) time in my life.

He went to ask my parents’ blessing!  What a stand up guy!  But I already knew that.  :)  I just had no idea he was going to ask for my hand; I wasn’t even expecting a proposal, not this soon at least.

My apartment in Valentine Hall <3

Asking for my Hand in Marriage

My mom answered the phone when Hobbs called.  He asked to talk to my dad but he wasn’t there

at the time so he told my mom he had something he’d like to talk to them about and he asked if he could come over.  So a meeting time was set.  My mom had a suspicion that he was going to ask to marry me, but my dad really didn’t think so.  (Ha!)  Hobbs to

ld me he had to circle the block a few times because he was so nervous.  Hahaha.  Is it rude of me to digitally laugh here?  I just think it’s so cute that he was nervous!  He told my parents that he loved me and that we hardly ever fight (still true four years lat

er) and he asked for my hand in marriage (I can’t remember if he used those words – probably not).  My mom started asking him questions about the ring and my

dad told him, “the answer is yes!”  He showed my mom the ring.

Here are my Mom and Dad with Cupcakes. I thought you’d want to see what my parents look like.

She kept this from me for WEEKS!  I couldn’t believe it!!  My best friend Kim also knew that he was going to propose!  I was blown away.

A Valentine’s Day Date on the 1st Night of our Engagement

I just wanted to call everyone I knew, but Hobbs wanted us to go on our date and worry about everyone else later.  I got a few calls in first anyway.  :)  Our date started out by going ‘out’ to dinner.  Our college always did a special dinner for Valentine’s Day where they dressed up the cafeteria really nice, set up little tables with table clothes and the faculty served the students specially made entres.  I had heart-shaped ravioli.  :)  Another couple that we were friends with were sitting at the table next to us so we told them our happy news.  Other people overheard and wanted to know more so we pretty much told everyone there.  I was so happy and couldn’t stop smiling or looking at my ring.

After our dinner date, we went to the movies.  We saw Definitely, Maybe.  I really didn’t like that movie, but it was okay because I could barely concentrate on it anyway.  I had other things on my mind.  I managed to make a few more phone calls from the theater before the show started, lol.  I distinctly remember calling my brother.  He was shocked too.  I asked him to be a groomsman.  :)  I know I also talked to my mom, aunt, friend Maggie and sister that night too at different times.

Another picture of us together in college :)

The wedding planning began immediately.  I had a blast planning my wedding! <3

So what’s YOUR story?  If you have a blog post about it, link me in a comment so I can read it.  I LOVE proposal / wedding stories!!!

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