Decor Idea Explosion for my new Kitchen

This is a post for me to dump all my spectacular ideas of how to decorate / organize my home, and in this case, specifically my kitchen.  Enjoy!  If you remember from my We’re Moving to our Own Place post, this is a glimpse of what our kitchen is going to look like.  Plenty of counter space for me to work with as far as decorating and function go.  🙂

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I’ve been scouring pinterest to find ideas because as we all know, the best, simplest, cheapest ideas are all over there.  🙂

I know exactly where my crock pot is going to go.  There is a corner on the counter facing the dining room that has plenty of room and an outlet in the wall right there.  Perfect!  I can make my Crock Pot Fajitas or any number of recipes I’ve already pinned on my Food I Want to Make board!!

I hope this post gives you some ideas as well; they can obviously be used by anybody.  I will definitely be taking pictures and blogging about all the home decor as I do it after we move in.  My blog might turn into a home decor blog for a few days, haha.  I’ll add stuff about baby proofing and what not to for you guys.  🙂

Great Kitchen Decor Ideas:

 Super cute place to keep your soaps and hand towel next to the sink:

A Do-it-Yourself Island that looks AMAZING!  I won’t have room for a whole island, but I can use this idea for a microwave cart or
wine cart – that would be really cute!
Where can I get mason jars so I can do this?!

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

I have the jars for all these things; all I have to do is make and apply these great labels!
This would be adorable and super appropriate for our family lol!
This kind of thing would be perfect for mail, keys, etc
This has my style written all over it!  How can I do this to my spoons and spatulas?!?!

Source: Uploaded by user via Jamie on Pinterest

Does your Kitchen have a Theme?

I love the old kind of vintage looking hen / rooster sort of look in kitchens (see mason jar above), but I also love islands and palm trees.  The latter is definitely how I decorate my bathroom, which is why I’m not sure I want to carry it over to the kitchen.  I might try though.  On our honeymoon in Jamaica (can’t link to a post because I haven’t written it yet!  Coming in July!!), there was this little hut in the middle of our beach called the IRIE GRILL.  It provided us with yummy cocktails and delicious nachos as well as other light snack / lunch items.  I loved that hut!

I was thinking of decorating around that somehow.

IRIE means ‘doin’ good’ or ‘feelin’ fine’.  It’s a response to the question ‘how are you?’  What a great motto for the kitchen!!  Calm, laid back and up beat.  I love it!

Lots to think about.  Please let me know your thoughts, ideas and experiences!


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  1. You can get mason jars at JoAnn’s or Michaels! I know Michaels has a really great glass section with tons of unique vases/jars/etc.
    Our kitchen is blue, black and yellow.

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    home’s visual appeal or exceeding your budget.

  3. Great ideas. They’ll be useful for me too since I’m also planing to decorate my kitchen recently.

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