Building a Better Blog: 12 More Tips!

Here are Some Tips for Building a Better Blog that I’ve Picked up so Far:

* Write a List post.  People like lists.  Here’s one of mine: 5 Ideas to Make Daycare Drop-off Easier

* Promote another person’s blog post.  I feel like I do that all the time on twitter.  I also frequently mention others’ blogs in posts but I don’t typically dedicate an entire post to one other person’s blog.  I’m not sure if that’s what they meant or not.

* Analyze a top blog in your niche.  This is a great idea!  See what the successful people are doing right.  🙂

* E-mail a blog reader or a few of them.  If you’re on blogger, this tutorial on how to become a Reply-Comment blogger could be very helpful.  I used to e-mail my commenters all the time because it was so easy on blogger.  When I hit reply over here on WordPress, I don’t think it goes into your e-mail in-boxes.  That’s really unfortunate because I loved talking to you guys.  Do you WordPress Veterans have any suggestions on this???

* Make your blog mobile friendly.

* Write a link post about another person’s blog and see if they’ll do the same for you.  I think this is similar to guest posting.

* Choose a Social Media place to focus on.  PINTEREST  {OOH!! OOH!!}
I made 2 new boards: one to promote my own blog posts and one to promote blog posts of others.  A lot of people don’t like it when bloggers promote themselves at all, and I can understand that, but I’m hoping promoting others will create a balance.  Sometimes I don’t want to wait for someone to *maybe* pin my posts on their own.  When I pin myself, I’ve had some luck getting a lot of repins.  So, while I hope I’m not making my followers mad, I think some self-promotion is definitely worth the ‘frowned-upon factor’.

* Join a forum and start posting.  I used to post on the bump all the time, but I never do anymore.  I don’t like confrontation, snark, controversy etc so if anyone knows of a Puppies and Rainbows only board, let me know and maybe I’ll post over there.  🙂  [Most moms over there were really nice, but the mean ones kind of ruined it for me.]

Additional Better Blog Tips

* Add this pinterest widget that I read about on CEO of Me Inc’s Blog.  It’s so fun!

* BE ON WORDPRESS; Self-host!

* Tweet!  Not just about your blog, but join the conversation!

* Read this book about blogging.  Its SUPER helpful – lots of great info!!


Good luck with your blogs!  I’ll add more tips as I get them!  🙂  Thanks for reading!  If you found this helpful, feel free to tweet about it or Pin It

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  1. Thanks for the tips Jamie! That’s a lot to take in, but I know each of them is so important.

  2. Yay for blog tips! I hit reply on the comment emails I get and I think it sends it to their email lol. I got the Reply Me plugin and when you reply on wordpress it automatically sends an email to the reader kills 2 birds with 1 stone your other readers can see your answers and they will get the email.

  3. You’ve been tagged. Click here to see:

  4. In the end, getting blog readers is all being nice to others and hoping they’ll respond in kind, right? These are great suggestions.

  5. If you’re subscribed to comments on WordPress, you’ll get a copy of each comment via email.
    Simply ‘reply to the email” and in the “To” field, copy the email address from the commenter (which should be in the email you received.

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