Hi I’m Jamie and I’m a Social Media Addict…

… This is my life…

[I was inspired to write this post by Bruce Allan.  Check out his “Day in the Life of a Social Media Addict” post.]

My blog post goes up at 7:01am almost every day.  The night before I make sure it’s been scheduled and is ready to go.

I take my nook color with me as I go to feed Cupcakes at around 6:30 in the morning.  On it, I check my e-mail and go to wordpress to approve and reply to any comments I may have received.  I also make sure my scheduled post went up.  If there’s time, I browse pinterest.  I love love love pinterest.  Come follow my boards!

At around 7am, I get back into bed and go back to sleep until 7:30-7:45.  Then I get up, do my morning things, and start the car (winter only).  While the car is warming up, I get on twitter / tweet deck and do some tweeting / catching up with friends.  I usually check my blog stats, check social spark and go on pinterest one more time.  If you want to make money blogging, check out social spark; I am loving it!!

I work from 8:15-5:15 with a lunch break at my home from 1:30-2:30.  I tweet whenever I can.  If Cupcakes is still eating her lunch when I get home, I get on pinterest.  Hobbs gets to hear about all my pins at this point.

hey girl

Source: facebook.com via Jamie on Pinterest


Too bad I work now or I would be in p-jam-jams many of the days of the week.  🙂

I love playing with Cupcakes as when I get home from work so I usually am just doing that until she goes to sleep.  Of course, I pinteresttweet from my phone all evening.  Sometimes I have pinterest up on my computer on my bed for when she runs to the other side of the room to play by herself.  If she wants nothing to do with me, I also check my e-mail and reply / comment on blogs.

At 8pm, Cupcakes goes to bed.  After that, I write blog post(s) and hope to use this time to write hubs.  Obviously my twitter, pinterest, and e-mail tabs are also up.  I comment on other blogs (haven’t been since I started work, but I’ll get into the swing.  I promise!) and do other internet things.

I doubt World of Warcraft counts as social media, but if I’m really lucky and have enough time, I play that sometimes.  I am Cupcakedor!  Do you love it?!  I love video games….

Well, it looks like I should have called this “Hi I’m Jamie and I’m a Pinterest Addict”… hmmm.  🙂

Source: wtfpinterest.com via Jamie on Pinterest

The above pin is a true story.  When I saw RandomCreative for lunch yesterday, I mentioned pins that I found on pinterest at least 2-3 times.  Hahaha!

**** Enjoy this Lovely Superbowl Sunday by the way! ****
I’ll obviously be live tweeting my thoughts 😉
Who are you going for??


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  1. Ah, yes. I have a very similar routine! Have a great day! I’m off to Pin something! 😉

  2. I used to play WOW, but now I’m addicted to Minecraft. I’m not very good at social media, but I can’t seem to stay away from it either.

  3. wow! you are busyyyyyyy.. I wish I could get more time …I too am off to check some of your pins…

  4. I share an addiction to the screens, too, but do you spend quality time with just your little one and NO screens – no phones, no TV, etc? I never, ever use screens when we are eating. That is strictly family time and among other things I do, I think it helps my kids be better eaters which I know you’re trying to do from your great toddler food post. I’m not trying to point fingers and I try to do better myself, but join me in trying to keep quality kid time between mommy and kid – no screens.

    • AdminJamin says:

      That is really great and you’re right – I should put away the screens for lunch time. I definitely keep screens away from the dinner table, but I think I’m going to expand that rule. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Oh gosh this sounds like me too. I am totally over-connected. Following from Sunday Social!

  6. I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m CONSTANTLY checking everything all the time. Sometimes I never get blog posts written because I’m soo consumed with facebook, twitter, pinterest updates. Don’t even get me started with checking email and my RSS reader. I don’t even work my blog and sm upkeep is SCREWED once I start working.

  7. Haha- I am a creature of habit too! LOL:)

  8. hahaha, my day is very similar, even though I stay at home right now. I feel like a Pinterest addict lately :(…oh wait, why’d I put a sad face about that?? It should be a 😀 !!!! hahaha

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