Miracles Help with Spiritual Ruts

Are you in a spiritual rut?  Do you doubt any of the teachings of the Catholic Chruch?  Do you doubt the existence of God Himself?  Please, keep reading.

There is an image of Mary, the Mother of God (Tomorrow is the Feast Day of Mary, the Mother of God!) in Guadalupe Mexico.  It appeared on the cloak (“tilma”) of Saint Juan Diego who was given the task, by Mary, to build a church.  In order to complete the task, he had to convince his bishop to allow it to be built.  Mary helped him by placing her image on his tilma to show the bishop.  Click Here to Read the Full Story of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Saint Juan Diego.

This is a picture of the image:
You may have seen this before, BUT

Did you know all the numerous miracles associated with the image on this tilma???  I heard about them at Mass recently and HAD to tell you because the only thing I already knew is the first of these:

This Image Cannot Be Explained by Science!!

* It’s not a painting.  Microscopic examination show that there are no brush strokes.  Also, there weren’t any synthetic colors to use back then.  NASA scientists stated that the colors aren’t made from any material on this earth.
* The Material is bizarre.  Dr Orozco notes “the back side is rough and coarse, but the front side is as ‘soft as the most pure silk’ as noted by painters and scientists in 1666 and confirmed one century later in 1751 by the Mexican Painter, Miguel Cabrera.”
* This Material has not deteriorated in 478 years.  The tilma of St. Juan Diego was made from fibers of a maguey cactus, which deteriorate in 20-60 years.
* Not harmed by an Acid spill.  In 1785, a worker accidentally spilled acid on the image but no part of the image was destroyed.  Part of the cloth was harmed but somehow repaired itself.  That cannot be explained.
* Not destroyed by a Bomb.  In 1921, a bomb went off near the tilma.  The bomb destroyed the marble floors, the windows, and twisted a brass crucifix nearby, but neither the tilma nor the glass protecting it was harmed in any way.
*Astronomical Match The stars on the tilma coincide EXACTLY with the constellations in the sky on December 12, 1531 (the day Our Lady appeared to St. Juan Diego!)
* Tiny Images found in the Eyes The image of St. Juan Diego is seen as a reflection in the image’s eyes.
* Dilating Eyes Ophthalmic studies have been done on the eyes which reveal that the retinas retract and dilate when exposed to light, as a human eye would.
* Temperature of the Tilma The temperature of the cloth (made of fibers) maintains the same temperature as a living human body: 98.6 degrees!
* Heartbeat at the Waist One of the doctors examining the image put a stethoscope under the black band where Mary’s waist is and detected a rhythmic beat at 115 pulses / minute – the same as a baby in the womb!  (Jesus!) (Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patroness of the Unborn)
* Hoovering Colors When examined with a laser ray, it was discovered that there are no colors on the actual material of the cloak; they hoover at a distance of 3/10ths of a millimeter above the surface!

Biblical References:
Guadalupe means “crush the head of the serpent” referring to the verse in Genesis 3:15 Mary, the conqueror of evil
Revelations: “A woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet”

“Our Lady visited Mexico 478 years ago, but she remains there to give her Love, her Mercy and her Care to anyone who needs it, and to bring her Son, Jesus Christ to anyone who receives Him.” -Dr. Orozco

Catholic News Agency
Classic Catholic Artwork

Pretty amazing, huh?  You obviously get to choose whether or not you want to believe & it’s good to be skeptical sometimes, but I hope it got your attention.  Explore your faith, question things, turn to the Church for answers.  Pray more.  Do Good more.  Get closer to God.  I’m working on my faith life too.

I just HAD to share this with you guys!  I hope you found it interesting like I did.  Know that God loves you no matter what.

If You Want to Learn More about the Faith…

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC New Year’s Even!  2011 was a Great Year for me; was it for YOU?

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  2. Thank you for posting all this information about the Our Lady of Guadalupe tilma! I knew some of it, but not all. What an amazing miracle. :)

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