Top 5 Places to Breastfeed in Public

For those of you who can just whip it out anywhere and start feeding your little one no matter where you are or who’s around, KUDOS!  I am not that brave.  I love discretion and being completely covered.  So if you’re like me and like to sneak away some place private to nurse, read on and find out the best places I’ve found.  😀

5.) Von Maur is a department store at my mall.  They have the BEST bathrooms I have ever seen.  Hands down.  I use them all the time.  However… they do not get the number 1 spot on my ‘Best Places to Nurse’ list at all.  I’m going to paint a picture for you.  At the back of the store is a big opening, which above is written in BIG letters, “WOMEN’S LOUNGE”.  You walk inside to a nice lobby.  On the right are the bathrooms, on the left is another opening and inside that room are chairs and a changing table.  Sounds ideal right?  Let me paint another picture.  I go in there with my mom and sis during one of my first mall trips after Cupcakes was born.  You know, Cupcakes, my first child?  This was about to by my first time Nursing In Public.  I sat down, got my “neck dress” (ShayCarl) aka nursing cover situated and started feeding the little one.  Then this man marches in.  My mom stopped him and said “excuse me, this is the woman’s room!  You can’t be in here.”  Well then he immediately started yelling and cursing at my mom.  He had a little girl with him … I’m guessing she was 3 years old.  Ish.  And he was coming in there to change her (even though there are changing tables in the men’s room).  He scared me to death!  He wouldn’t stop yelling or get out so we had the manager call security.  Then we came to find out that someone who worked at Von Maur told the man to go in the WOMEN’S LOUNGE to change his kid.  What?!?!  That’s not even the first man who I’ve seen in there.  It has happened several times.  I don’t nurse there any more, but sometimes I see men in there when I go to use the bathroom.  What the H?  Is the sign not big enough??

So yeah… avoid Von Maur – check out the other 4 places I’ve found.

4.) Find a secret corner.  In a store that no one ever goes to in a section that no one ever goes.  Sometimes there are benches near the restroom area on that floor in that one store that not a lot of people ever shop.  Do you have a place like that?  More specific examples below.


3.) Fitting Rooms.  They lock and are private.  I do get a little nervous that someone is going to figure out what I’m doing and tell me I have to get out.  That probably wouldn’t happen, but some people are… less than understanding… about breastfeeding.


2.) The Mall where I used to live had the cutest family bathroom ever and inside were little rooms for nursing.  These had colorful curtains that when closed indicate to most people that someone is inside breastfeeding so they should stay out.  However, little kids are very curious and LOVE to find out what is behind closed curtains.  Eep!


1.) 2nd Floor Macy’s – a Private Nursing Room with a LOCKING DOOR and changing table – win win win!  This is my favorite place ever to nurse!

So CONGRATULATIONS to Macy’s for having the most accommodating spot for us nursing mothers.  I appreciate your consideration!!
I’m sorry to say, Von Maur, I love your bathrooms, but you lose in my best nursing rooms list.
[Macy’s did not, in any way, compensate me for this post or buy their title of winningest nursing spot.]
If you’re a breastfeeding momma, where is your favorite place to nurse?

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  1. Forgetful Mom says:

    I will feed where-ever, I figure everyone either has boobs or has seen them. I will nurse in a different room when my in-laws are around just because it makes them uncomfortable to be around me when I'm hanging but that's it.

  2. At first i was scared of public nursing but now i dont care. I have an awesome cover and dont hesitate at all. I recently read an article where a women was given a hard time for nursing at target. 🙁

  3. When I was pregnant, I worked at Destination Maternity, and we would get women all the time asking if they could use our fitting rooms to nurse. {We always said yes!}

  4. Just found you via Flock Together Blog Hop!

    I love the fitting room idea —


  5. Yee Family says:

    Very informative! I never breastfed my kids, but think it's great if people can. Will pass this info onto a friend of mine 🙂 Great idea with the fitting rooms.

  6. I posted about Nursing in Public a while back…and the dressing room at a Target is on there (although they've made a lot of people mad with the whole harassing a nursing mom news story, I've never experienced that at mine)

    I love Macys. It's my favorite store, and funny enough, (TMI) I lost most of my mucus plug in their second story fancy bathroom. My daughter was born the next day 🙂

    We have a Von Maur 2 minutes from my house, but I've never been in there…good to know about their bathroom!

    Kaylene @ Letters from Momma

  7. LOVE MELISSA:) says:

    Love this post! When I was bf H, I did it anywhere- I had no shame:) Most of my friends were the same way!

  8. Love that post. I was queen of doing it in my car. We don't have as many great spots by us. I wish it was more accepted in public. It made some of my friends so uncomfortable, don't know why? It's so natural.

  9. Motherhood Truth says:

    When I was BFing I would drape a blanket and walk around the store while feeding. By #3 I just didn't care anymore lol. Great post! I wish places would be more accommodating for moms.

  10. Great topic for a post! Although I'm not a mom yet, I've had a lot of friends who have had trouble finding places to BF, both in public and at work. I've also been appalled at how many work places refuse to designate an appropriate spot for pumping. My cousin works in an HR dept at a university and usually ends up sitting on the floor in a single person restroom to pump. So ridiculous!

    It's good to know that Macy's has this figured out at least. It seems like fitting rooms in maternity clothing stores are a good option as well. It's too bad that BF in public isn't very widely accepted, though.

  11. Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! says:

    If I'm out and about, and Lily has to eat, I usually push the drivers seat back and feed her in the car, before we go into a store/somewhere else.

  12. Our local Macy’s are better than most but neither have a real good place to nurse. However, I will hike across a mall to use a Nordstrom’s women’s lunge. Separate changing ad nursing area from the lounge and restroom.

  13. When it comes to the mall, my favorite place is actually the food court! There are so many people there, but everybody is eating and talking, and with all of the noise and bustling, nobody pays attention to us. It’s easy to blend in a crowd 🙂

  14. We don’t have Von Maur where we live, but my husband’s aunt works at one and I agree that they have some nice fancy bathrooms (and fancy everything really). She works in the little girl’s section, right across from the baby clothes, so she’s always finding awesome deals on clothes for Lucia and having them shipped to us (did you know that they ship & gift wrap free???). I didn’t have a problem with nursing there, but I would be furious if a man walked in!!!

    I recently was trying to find a place to nurse in the mall and specifically went to Macy’s looking for a lounge, but didn’t find one. I guess I should have asked since maybe they did have one I couldn’t find. Great post, Jamie!

    • AdminJamin says:

      It is fancy! How nice about the great deals and no I didn’t know that about the gift wrap and shipping – I love when that kind of stuff is free!!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one who would be furious…
      The Macy’s lounge was kind of hidden – inside one of three of their bathrooms.

  15. I’m a nurse wherever I am mom, I was more nervous with daughter #1, but I’m old hat & don’t give a poo anymore, with daughter #2. Plus, she has always outright refused to be covered, and she inherited her father and grandfather’s hot naturedness.
    That said, one of the coolest places I’ve found to have a mostly comfortable nursing area is the local children’s science museum (Discovery Center at Murfree Spring). Salem and I were a tad sweaty in the little room, and it would’ve been nice to be able to see my older daughter and niece who were playing outside of the room, but it was in the enclosed toddler area (they are 6 and 9, so they’re fine), so there was less risk of losing track of them. Our indoor mall Stones River Mall, also has a very cool Mothers’ Lounge, with chairs and one of those wire-and-bead table toys, like they have in doctor’s offices.

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