Weird Looking Square Kind-of-like-bar-codes for your Smart Phone Things

Apparently they’re actually called QR Codes.  Want one for your blog or other website?  Read on – I’ll tell you how!  Note: I found this on the blog – Of Mice and raMen, and thought my readers might like to know how to do this so go check her out too!

Here’s Mine!

I have a dumbphone (which I consistently complain about on Twitter) so I wasn’t too familiar with these things.  I just knew that I saw them everywhere and I actually thought they were just coupons.  But when my sister-in-law, Amy was here, she showed me what they really are.

You use your smartphone and scan over the QR Code to get to the website on your phone!  We were playing with the coasters at Cheeseburger in Paradise – they had twitter and facebook QR codes on them.

Amy and I were trying to think of ways you could use this and we came up with some places to put them:

* Flyers
* Coasters (like at Cheeseburger lol)
* Business Cards

Do YOU have any ideas??  Let me know in a comment!

Also, I do realize that it is kind of silly to have the QR code on my sidebar as whoever sees it there is already on my blog, but it’s kind of cool so I’ll leave it there for now.  :o)

Here’s How YOU Can Get One!

Go to

Leave URL selected, type in your blog address after the http:// and select your size.  [The one in my sidebar is size Small.]  Then click Generate!  Your QR Code will show up in the white square to the left and you’ll be able to save it.  :o)

Have fun!  And let me know in a comment if you have any ideas on how to use these little guys.  :o)

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  1. Koala Bear Writer says:

    I got a QR code (once I figured out what they were a little while ago, because I don't have a cellphone at all) and I've printed it on the back of my business card. I thought about putting it on my blog but decided that wouldn't be helpful. If I ever had a reason to put up posters, I'd use it there, or on bookmarks or postcards or any sort of printed PR to hand out to people.

  2. Ah! That's useful! Thanks for sharing the QR code thing; I knew what they were but didn't know how to get one for my blog!

  3. Ahhhh! So THAT'S what they are! I also have a dumb phone. Not complaining though. If I had a smart one, I'd spend WAY too much time on it!

  4. Nice. I printed out a large one that I put on my booth at craft shows. I also printed out some stickers and made some buttons that I give out as free swag.

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