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Me: *Tapping on husband* I just had a painful contraction!
Hobbs: *grunt*
At around 12:15 Me: *Tabbing on husband* I just had another painful contraction!
Hobbs: *grunt*
Me: Hobbs!
Hobbs: Wake me up when you think you’re in labor.
Me: I think I’m in labor.
*Husband suddenly awake and alert lol*
[Warning: This is a birth story.  There might be some TMI parts.  You’ve been warned.  It won’t be too bad.]
I went to the bathroom and discovered that there was a little bit of blood.  So we called the doctor.  They told us he’d be paged and call us back.  We waited.  And waited.  And waited.  At 1:00am, we called back.  They paged him again.  We found out he was performing a c section so they called a different doctor (4 in the practice).  One of the other ones called us back, and I weirdly can’t remember which one that was… I remember the doctor who was supposed to call back…  We finally got to talk to him and he asked when I was due.  I told him – it was now 2 days later.  So he said, “This is probably it.  Come on in.”
Woah.  We grabbed the bag and called our moms.  Hobbs’ mom lives across the country and I remember her telling me to tell him that even if I went into labor at 3 in the morning, she wanted to know – she wanted him to call.  We called at 2am, 1am her time.  :o)  And of course I called my mom.
We were about to leave and somehow I had the presence of mind to say, “grab the redbox”.  We had to return it on the way!  They charge $1 for every day it’s late!!  I remember stopping at a walgreens on the way.  At 2am.  On December 1st.  It was freezing.  The redbox machine was not responding to my husband’s hands on the machine.  I gestured him from the car to keep trying.  I was determined to give the movie back!  Finally it worked and we were on the way.  There was no traffic that night, which was very helpful.  I was painful-contracting every 5-7 minutes on the way to the hospital. 
 Thank God they have “Pregnant” parking in the parking garage for if you’re in labor – we got the first spot.  There was even a wheelchair waiting right by the elevator in the garage just for me!  (By coincidence…?)
Hobbs wheeled me to the elevator, down the hall, to the ER.  I remember waiting and waiting and talking to a nurse.  She asked me if I had the urge to push.  Uh, NO!!!  I was ter.ri.fied!
Finally whatever we were waiting for happened and they wheeled me to our room.  I was very impressed with the room.  I felt like I was in a hotel.  I changed into a gown (which I was also impressed with – cloth not paper and actually kind of cute) and laid in the bed.  They did their checks and hooked me up to a machine to monitor my contractions.  They were really starting to hurt.  I don’t know what time it was at this point – I think around 3am.  At this point, I had still not decided on the epidural.  
Hobbs was great.  He held my hand and paid full attention to me.  I squeezed during the contractions but I didn’t scream.  I didn’t take the lamaze classes but I breathed as best as I could.  I remember the nurse showing him and I what the peak of the contraction looked like on the monitor.  From that point on, I always wanted Hobbs to tell me when I reached the peak so I knew it would stop hurting very soon.  Sometimes he forgot, he was so focused on me, and I remember being INFURIATED by this!  I told him a couple of times to remember to tell me when it was at the peak!
At 7:30, my nurse was Sylvia.  She was very nice, seemed to really care about me.  She asked at 7:30 if I wanted an epidural.  I asked her if it was too early.  I had heard stories about it waring off by the time the birthing part happened.  She was confused by the question saying it wouldn’t ware off.  I was still nervous about it but I said I wanted an epidural.  The needle-in-the-spine part scared me to death but I couldn’t imagine being in this kind of pain much longer let alone the pain of the birth.   It turned out to be a GREAT decision!
Sylvia ordered the epidural and the cart made it to my room shortly but we had to wait for the anesthesiologist.  By the time she got there, another nurse came in and wanted the epidural for her patient first.  My nurse fought for me but I said it was ok.  I was putting it off because I was scared and also the other nurse said her patient was in so much pain she couldn’t even sit still.  It came back after about a half hour.  Hobbs was kicked out but he put up quite a fuss saying that because he has Diabetes he used to have to give himself shots every day – he would not get sick.  It didn’t work but it was a valiant effort.  I liked the thought.   I loved my anesthesiologist- she was funny!
Soon after that my family arrived with breakfast for Hobbs.  He never left my side.  It was exciting having everyone there, but if I didn’t have an epidural, I only would have wanted my husband there.  And epidural or no – he was the only one I was going to allow in the birthing room.
We waited and waited.  We even started to play games like 20 questions, which was fun.  I was a little loopy.  I labored for 17 hours at this point.  Suddenly, I started feeling my baby move and I didn’t feel so good.  I had Hobbs call for a nurse.  Then, her heart rate shot up.  The nurse told me they might need to give me some antibiotics so she left to talk to the doctor.  
But when she came back in, she had very different news…

Why did the baby’s heart rate shoot up?
When is she going to come out??
Did she have to go on antibiotics???

Come back FRIDAY for the exciting conclusion!

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  1. Cathy Kennedy says:

    Birth stories are always such fun to read. I love the way you've gotten your reader hooked waiting for the climax to only push it off til Friday. Now, you know we've gotta come back, right? Thanks for linking up! Come by my place to enter my digital scrapbook software give-away promo! I just started this today and it's my first!!!

  2. Cheryl Roth says:

    Thanks for following, I'm following you back. First time I ever saw a continued story on a blog, good idea. Of course we have to know what happened!
    Heart to Heart at Home

  3. JAME!!! How could you do this to me!?!?! I have to know how it ends!!! Aaaaaaand I have to wait til Friday?! Oh jeez I might have to call you tonight just to hear the exciting conclusion. In addition, there is an ad and a coupon for my cousin's company on your blog. The one that I worked for last year. WEIRDED OUT! haha but I like it.

  4. Great post…love reading other moms birth stories. I suppose I should write a post about mine in the near future. Oh and my water broke 1 hour after I went to bed and when I woke DH to tell him he started washing dishes and took the dog for a walk! It was midnight!

  5. LOVE birthing stories! Each of my 3 deliveries was different: I had an epidural with my first, but not my other 2.

  6. Wonderful story. God bless you with such a long labor! I will be back Friday to read the rest. I love that you returned redbox. We are famous for. Paying 5 or 10 for movies bc of the exact opposite lol.


  7. Daddy's in Charge? says:

    I wonder what the exciting conclusion will be?! Funny how you just had to return that Red Box. You know you probably would have forgotten it for like three months.


  8. Thanks for stopping by and following. I am following back. I look forward to reading more…
    Have a great day!


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