Day Zero Project

I found this cool project on Kelly-Marie’s blog over at Footprints on Our World and I really wanted to do it.  Basically, you make a list of 101 goals and you get 1001 days to accomplish them.  They can include short easy tasks or lengthy projects.

Start Date: January 1, 2012
End Date: September 22, 2015

Bold = In Progress
Crossed Out = Completed

My List of 101 Things:

1.) Do an elaborate Wedding post
2.) Save up $350 for our Anniversary Date in July {$0/$350}
3.) Go on a walk around the block everyday Monday – Saturday {During Spring, Summer and Fall}
4.) Do a Photo Challenge on the blog {not 30 Day}
5.) Have 1000 Blog Followers
6.) Have 5000 Twitter Followers
7.) Do a Crossroads Post
8.) Do another vlog
9.) Keep living the dream
10.) Sign up on Hubpages, Helium, Text Broker and Interact Media
11.) Write 100 Hubs {4/100}
12.) Move out of my Parents’ house
13.) Continue to play WoW as long as it continues to inspire and never play while Cupcakes is awake unless Hobbs is watching her.  Get to Level 85 {19/85}
14.) Attend a Blogging Conference
15.) Re-apply (if necessary) to the BlogHer Ad Network 6 months from Dec. 24th.
16.) [Find out how to and] Write an Epic Poem
17.) Find out what the heck NaNoWriMo is and participate in it.
18.) Research Homeschooling
19.) Go to Eucharistic Adoration at least 10 times {0/10}
20.) Read at least 30 Fiction Books {0/30}
21.) Build shelves for Cupcakes books
22.) Save $10,000
23.) Plan [or help plan] an awesome 3 year anniversary
24.) Plan [or help plan] an awesome 4 year anniversary
25.) Plan [or help plan] a REALLY awesome 5 year anniversary
26.) If we’re able to have our own room (without Cupcakes), have 1 date night / week (in or out) {1/140}
27.) Save and Make 10 New Crock Pot recipes {0/10}
28.) Bake cookies every Christmas {0/2}
29.) Get out of Credit Card debt
30.) Finish the 1st Year Scrapbook
31.) Do a yearbook every year
32.) Upload all those videos from the camcorder to a youtube channel
33.) Do 50 new drawings {0/50}
34.) Have paying advertisers on my blog every month {1/21}
35.) Figure out how to use Google + better
36.) Figure out how to use Facebook Pages better
37.) Plan Menus for Cupcakes
38.) Keep an ongoing list of healthy and yummy foods for Cupcakes to eat – 50 meals, 50 snacks {0/50 meals} {0/50 snacks}
39.) Find at least 1 cool way to put a braid or braids in my hair
40.) Write a childrens’ book
41.) Teach Cupcakes her letters and how to write her name before she goes (if she goes) to school
42.) Make 100 sales on Etsy {0/100}
43.) Read all of those Etsy Success tips (at least the bootcamp ones)
44.) Get at least 1 big brand advertiser once
45.) Make a PDF Media Kit You Can Find it HERE

46.) Write at least 3 e-books to sell {1/3}
47.) Improve affiliate marketing skills
48.) Go to the library at least 50 Times {0/50}
49.) Do something that requires getting dressed up at least twice a year {0/5}
50.) Create a budget that realistically outlines spending
51.) Have something about NFP and resources on the blog
52.) Make and list 10 pieces of Subway Art {1/10}
53.) Get Quantcast to work
54.) Go through the Mom Blogging for Dummies notes, make a todo list and finish it
55.) Go through Morrison Videos folder
56.) Go though Business folder
57.) Make a List of great date ideas and post it
58.) Watch a football game start to finish with nachos
59.) Find at least 10 other Chicago Mom Bloggers {0/10}
60.) Set up a “Kids” Savings Account
61.) Have a picnic with Hobbs and Cupcakes
62.) Complete a coloring book
63.) Make a new welcome page for facebook to encompass the blog
64.) Check out and read a book about SEO
65.) Make 40 Free Buttons {9/40} Find and Grab my Free Buttons HERE
66.) Write Cupcakes a hopes and dreams letter
67.) Get the pop bank to the half-filled mark
68.) Do the required 6 challenges for the BBArtisans {0/6}
69.) Make 20 Treasuries on Etsy {0/20}
70.) Crochet something Whimsical
71.) Write a Journal Inventory
72.) Update my timeline
73.) HTML Mailing List
74.) Reach 500 Subscribers
75.) Put together an up-to-date Teaching Portfolio
76.) Update my Resume
77.) Get a cool (reasonably priced) Entertainment Center and set it all up
78.) Get a desk and create a kick-butt office space
79.) Get involved with the mom’s group at church
80.) Read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover
81.) Go on a website and learn more about HTML Code
82.) Have at least 2 more Bon Fire Parties
83.) Take a Mommy and Me Swim Class
84.) Make sure all Photos are backed up on the External Hard drive {2011, 2012, 2013, 2014}
85.) Buy a printer
86.) Start a Memoirs Series on the blog
87.) Try Whip Cream Vodka
88.) Brainstorm some book ideas – non fiction and fiction
89.) Create an organizational system for my notes
90.) Try 1 new restaurant {0/1}
91.) Have 20 Game Nights (Board Game / Cards)
92.) Donate clothes to Saint Vincent De Paul twice {0/2}
93.) Participate in the Life Chain at least once
94.) Draw one portrait of Cupcakes
95.) Put away $3 for Cupcakes for every goal completed ($9/$303)
96.) Plant a daisy
97.) Make a pod-cast (first find out how / if a pod-cast is different from a vlog)
98.) Catch up on the Shaytards vlogs
99.) Beat 2 Mario Video Games
100.) Build up a Childrens’ Book Collection of 150 Books {40/150}
101.) Still have a blog on September 22, 2015

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  1. Wow…that is an awesome list! Good for you!

    And while I'm sure that there are at least 101 things I need to accomplish…I'm not sure I could list them all…in one sitting. How long did it take you to make that list?!!!

    Best wishes for a blessed 2012. I loved your goal for Eucharistic Adoration!

  2. Love your list hun x

  3. Very inspirational! Makes me think about all of the things I want to do and have done. Good luck, you can get your list “done” (is it ever really “done”?) if you set your mind to it!


  1. […] of my 101 Goals in 1001 Days is to make an ongoing list of healthy and yummy foods for Cupcakes to eat – at least 50 Meals […]

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