Prayer of Thanksgiving Turkey

Here’s a Thanksgiving Craft idea that is ideal for Catholics and Christians… really anyone who’s religious though I would think.  We’re all familiar with the classic hand turkey craft, right?  Why not give it a twist that would give it meaning and teach kids about the true meaning of Thanksgiving: giving thanks!

Of course the turkey is Pink – I have a baby girl!!!  The feathers are rainbow because that is how I always made my hand turkeys as a child. :o)

By the way, it was nearly impossible to trace Cupcakes hand.  She did not get the point of the exercise and kept pulling it away lol!

There are 5 types of prayers:
1.) Thanksgiving
2.) Petition
3.) Adoration
4.) Contrition
5.) Love

Click HERE for more info on the different types of prayers.

You can make one of those finger turkeys and write each type on one of the finger feathers.  Then think of an example for each type.  This is great for older kids to learn to pray for something other than just asking God for things, and it will help them remember all the different types.  Thinking of examples would be fun too.

Here are Cupcakes Prayers:
1.) Thank you, God for Mommy, Daddy and all my toys, especially the ones Mommy and Daddy don’t really want me to play with like their phones.
2.) I would like to pray for yummier meals, dear Lord.
3.) I adore and love God the Father, who made me; Jesus, the Son who died for my sins – you know, the ones I am not old enough to commit; and the Holy Spirit who is Love and guides me through my life. <3
4.) I’m sorry for eating any and all paper I can get my hands on (not actually a sin!)
5.) I love Mommy, Daddy, Poppa, Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Auntie Jenn, Auntie Amy and Uncle Jeff.

And of course, they should decorate their turkeys.  Display them in the house (or classroom) and revisit throughout November, but on Thanksgiving, thank God for all the Thanksgiving examples.  :o)

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Gratitude: I am grateful that my daughter was born with all ten fingers and all ten toes.  I thank God that she is happy and healthy.  <3

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  1. CacheyMama says:

    Thanks for linking up! I love your prayer idea. It models all the things that should go into a well-rounded prayer. Did you really trace Cupcakes' hand? I tried yesterday because we were making a turkey thank you card and he kept trying to pull his hand away! LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing this adorable idea. I'm going to try it out with Gabriella this week. Happy Sunday!

  3. The BROOKIE COOKIE says:

    I just LOVE this BLOG!! your baby is sooooo precious :)stopping by joining from Changing Diapers and Taking Names come by and say hi

  4. I am a new follower, please follow me back at

  5. Babblings and More says:

    We are now following you from the blog hop!
    Brooke from

  6. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beth ( says:

    So cute! Love it! I wanted to invite you to link up at TGIF or come on by to try and grab one of the Guest Poster spots I'm offering up. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!
    Beth =-)

  8. With only 1 girl and 3 boths the pink turkey picture caught my eye. Very Cute!!


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