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I’m working on a list of Tweeps to recognize my digital friends and to make sure I mention everyone on Follow Friday.  Please don’t be sad if you’re not on the list – I probably meant to add you and forgot so if you’re one of my tweeps, just leave a comment with your twitter name and I’ll gladly add you!  I know a Tweep is kind of hard to define, but I think to me, a tweep is someone that I talk to on a regular basis OR someone I sometimes talk to and is always there.Click to Read What Twitter Means to Me. <3

And now to shout out some of my favorite TWEEPS… I really really really hope I don’t forget anyone*:
@HouseUnseen                                     @hppyheartofmine
@dentistmel                                           @wolfbugs
@MotherhoodTruth                               @nobryan1
@LaceyAnn2008                                   @RunInPearls
@CacheyMama                                      @vodkamom
@MelissaG813                                       @myleilaland
@Claires_Mom                                       @pocahontaskkme
@AskDocG                                             @TheModernMama
@Melissa_Dell                                        @sweetstellas
@evrydaygameplan                                 @browneyedBren
@dawnwithanawn                                   @JenAnnHall
@twistedxtian                                          @MommylandMychal
@blatta_in_al                                           @Mumma_Gumma
@berlin526                                              @MemoirsofaMama
@ImperialScum                                       @withlovechrancy
@DaddysinCharge                                   @OverMom
@DKLblog                                               @08laur08
@totallymomma                                       @jmroubinek
@TerrellFamFun                                      @OurGrowGarden
@sistersncloth                                           @twinsmommyplus1
@MrsTNaturally                                       @ProudMomGifts
@thegnomesmom                                      @hellonurse182
@6inthenutthouse                                      @wristdeepdaddy
@ItsaVol                                                    @StyathmGinger
@10yrslaterblog                                        @TheNewModernMom
@MamaLuvsBooks                                   @randomcreative
@TheRosaryLady                                      @AnnaMursin
@Art4theSoul2                                          @FamilyViewed
@dosweatthesmall                                      @sippychronicles
@catholicfanatic                                         @Bree_Myers
@brbgnt                                                      @KimOEsq
@SchoolMarmDE                                      @MyMamihood
@PregRoadTrip                                          @britestack
@Oh_My_Mini                                          @RenegadeRuby
@mel_4321                                                @TheKurtzCorner
@MamaRiceCake                                      @itsthemiddle
@CGCDesign                                             @hipmumdotcom
@sbuxsweetie                                             @MrsWndr
@namastebyday                                          @stejeb
@Supermom_Diva                                     @DCTshop
@momexhilaration                                     @HouseTalkN
@jackie23t                                                  @thecatholiccoup
@phanniejay                                               @MyBelovedAdoria
@TeresaMilligan                                         @tnslp29
@cupcakekellys                                          @ourcornerblog
@ToughCookieMom                                   @SaskaDad
@kristenwatson                                           @SerendipityMama
@JillCraft                                                    @WhatzMineIzYurz
@NearNormalcy                                         @amyannjensen
@MakingMamaHappy                               @PhoenyxFlower
@dominiquebustos                                      @BabyMonkeyHouse
@spartaness                                                 @nadeshicoangel
@NFPandMe                                               @crafolic
@LetterstoMo                                              @mother_michelle
@buttrflychic05                                            @TheMamaMash
@lucymarieslife                                           @LyricalThreat
@PennyMindingMom                                  @mamamiash2h
@holy_Spork                                               @nugzthepirate
@gedert014                                                  @CaffdCatholicMaGlitter Alliance Tweeps (#GlitterAlliance)

If you LOVE Glitter, we’d love to have you on our team!  Tweet me – @4LoveofCupcakes and use the hashtag #GlitterAlliance.  (We even have a Button!)

*** If you don’t see your name, but think you should, I’m so sorry.  I probably just forgot to add you so just leave a comment or send me an email at for_love_of_cupcakes{at}yahoo{dot}com and I will fix the list!
What do you think a Tweep is??

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  1. Thanks! You are one of my favorite Tweeps too!

  2. Thanks Love! I don't know how I missed this post? 🙁

  3. oops! I meant to add that you're one of my fav tweeps too!!

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