Become a No-Reply Comment Blogger NO LONGER!

This is a tutorial inspired by MMScrapShoppe.  I wanted to help my readers out too!  :o)  If you are a no-reply comment blogger, I can’t really answer your comments.  I LOVE to be able to talk with my readers and that is so easy to do through e-mail.  All comments on my blog come to me in my e-mail inbox as well as on my blog.  By making a few simple changes in blogger, I will be able to respond to your comment in an e-mail.

Move up in the Bloggy World!  Don’t be a no-reply comment blogger.  {I’m so happy I made this change a couple of months ago!}  Here’s how you do it:

In your dashboard, click Edit Profile.

Under Privacy in Edit User Profile, Check the box that says Show my E-Mail Address.

On that same page, scroll down to the Identity section and enter your e-mail address.

Make sure you click the Save button when you’re done!

I’m very much looking forward to chatting with you!! :o)

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  1. Dwija {House Unseen} says:

    I wish the whole world would stop being no-reply bloggers! I love being able to reply via email 🙂

  2. Judy Nolan says:

    I wonder if the same thing can be done in WordPress (which is what I use). Bloggers who comment definitely enjoy getting an email response.

  3. It is a little sad to put yourself out there and hear nothing at all in response. I must say I am enjoying your helpful tutorials:-)

  4. Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer] says:

    Yeah that drives me nuts, good tutorial!

  5. The Mrs./The Mom says:

    I had no idea I was a no-reply blogger.. thanks for bringing me into the world of replies!

  6. Katie@NFP and Me says:

    Love this! Definitely sharing! I feel so bad getting a comment from a no-reply blogger because I can't write them back!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beth Anne @ The Catholic Couponer says:

    I always leave my comments back in the comments. Maybe I should just start emailing them!


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