A Day in the Life…

… of Cupcakes and her family! <3 I absolutely love this idea! I heard about it from @LaceyAnn2008; she did it on her blog, The Southern Mommy Chronicles.  She’s also super sweet and fun to follow – you should check her out!!  {Blog and Twitter!}

From what I understand, BabyRabies was the first to do it, but Nurse Loves Farmer did it too and so did Somedays is Like That .  Check ’em out!  Here we go!

Not sure if you can read it, but my clock says 6:34.  Not cool.  Cupcakes woke up at around 6:15 but was playing by herself, making little noises.  At 6:34, she started crying so I went to get her up.  I am always trying to find a way to get her to sleep in just a little later.

It’s so heartbreaking to see her cry!  But look at her skills of a stander! :o)

One of my strategies to get her to sleep later is to wait until 7am to feed her.  I’m hoping that if she doesn’t expect to eat as soon as she wakes up, she’ll start to sleep in.  So…

Non-Toys are her favorite!  Here she is with a Saline bottle.  :o) 

When it’s this early, I bring her in my bed to feed her laying down so I can get a little bit more time to rest.  :o)

{Not Pictured – I breastfeed Cupcakes 4 times a day – when she wakes up, after each nap, and before bed}

You can tell here that she’s still crying.  :(

Then we let her play for a little bit in our bed.  There are so many “wonders unattainable” (as my Hubby calls the miscellaneous things on the headboard).

Hubs & I took turns taking showers (not pictured) / taking care of Cupcakes.

See her cute little look.  She has a remote!

Time for a Diaper Change….

And now to get dressed…

Ready for the day! … Well, Cupcake is at least…


Mommy’s Breakfast: Cheerios, a Banana and water.
(Cupcakes got some of Mommy’s banana!)
I Internet while Cupcakes eats Puffs and Yogurt Melts
{Not Pictured: We usually see Grandma before she goes off to work too, but we didn’t today for some reason.}
Some Chores:

It’s FINALLY time for Mommy and Daddy to get out of p jam jams and get ready for the day!

Fancy ———————————>


10:00am – Naptime.  We always read a page of our Grimm’s Fairy Tale book before she naps.

Daddy has a brownie for breakfast, followed by a bowl of cereal.  While he’s doing that, I catch up with my tweeps and read some blogs.  Then he gets our show set up!

This is what we do pretty much everyday: Watch Smallville (or Supernatural or the Big Bang Theory, etc).  And we LOVE it!  I almost always insist on Popcorn.

Daddy loves to be the one to get Cupcakes after her nap.  <3  I feed her and then she plays in her Jump-a-roo while we finish watching Smallville.  On some days, we finish the 2nd episode before she wakes up.  It just depends on how long she sleeps.


See the little bottle in her hand?  There are certain items that when she gets them in her grasp that’s where they stay … for a long time.  {Saline Bottle too… you may have noticed.  (o: }



Cutest Scrunchie Smiley Face!
3:00 – Afternoon Nap

5:00 ish

{Not Pictured: We usually have time crawling on Poppa on the couch after he gets home from work, but we went to Target today as soon as Grandma got home.}

We go to Target more than I’d like to admit, but we have a ton of fun!  :o)

She Gived Me Kisses!
So Sweet!!

My Mom captured this adorable moment!  {I just wish it could be zoomed in more without getting pixilated/ blurry.  :(  At least the print looks pretty good – ordered it right there lol!}



Good night, Auntie Jenn {that’s an odd way of saying good night to someone.}
Good night, Poppa
Good night, Unkie Jeff
Good night, Grandma {by this time, she’s rubbing her eyes.  Poor sleepy baby}

8:30 Bedtime <3

Today I’m grateful to Lacey for inspiring me to do this Day in the Life project.  I had so much fun and I know I’m going to be really glad I did it later in my life.  :o)  THANK YOU, Lacey!

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  1. Adorable! She is so lucky to be surrounded by so many people that love her :) Thank you so much for participating!

  2. Oh, and that was Jill @BabyRabies, BTW :)

  3. Jen + Jeff says:

    Loving this post! AND your new blog design. Great work…you should totally keep this post up for a while:)

  4. This is wonderful! Great Job Mama! Also love the new layout with the cupcakes. Adorable :)

  5. Melissa @ Filling Our Bucket says:

    Super fun!! I am hoping to do this this weekend. I actually want to do 2 – a day in the life weekend and a day in the life week day. We'll see if I am that ambitious!

    Great post!

  6. Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer] says:

    great post!! Well done!

  7. randomcreative says:

    Cute post! I've seen a few other people do this, too. I've thought about doing it before and may still at some point.

  8. LOVE MELISSA:) says:

    This is awesome Jamie!! Seriously awesome!

  9. Conservamom says:

    How adorable!! She is such a cutie and looks like so much fun! It's so great to see all the love in your house!! Thanks for stopping by my blog,I love yours and have definitely made it one of my favorites!! :)

  10. Loved this look into your day! Thanks for following Mom's Best Nest and for participating in Flock Together. I'm now following you and look forward to reading your poasts. Hope to see you again next week, if not sooner :)

  11. CacheyMama says:

    Very nice visual schedule of your day :) You have a beautiful family and looks like you all do a lot together. The only way I could get photos of everything I do would be to hire a photographer to follow me around all day, LOL.

  12. Oh this was too beautiful and I bet you enjoyed looking back at this one from last year. They grow so quickly and was just listening to some video of Emma (my older girl) when she was an infant and was pretty much bawling seeing just how much she has grown. You are right though, you will be so happy to have all this to look back on.

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