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Here’s my Whatever Post…

Memoirs of a Mama awarded me the Blog on Fire Award and I am so honored!! (Thank you so much!!) So I am passing it on to 10 of my Bloggy Friends who I think deserve this award! :o) Oh and I have to say 7 things about myself. If you’ve been awarded this too, you should do the same!

7 Things About Me:
1.) I tweet. A lot.  You should follow me – I love followers and chatting with people!
2.) I love blogging and I love my followers! (Is that a lame one?)
3.) I think I love Halloween more than regular people.  And I was like that before I had a baby with whom I can share it!
4.) My husband is from Montana and I think it’s beautiful there.
5.) My favorite color is red in theory, but green in practice.
6.) I LOVE Rainbows!  LOVE them!
7.) I want so badly to go back (with Hubby) to Montego Bay, Jamaica where we went for our Honeymoon, but I’m afraid we’ll never get back there.  I am determined to make it happen!

I am Awarding this Blog on Fire Award to 10 of my Favorite Bloggers:
1.) House Unseen
2.) The Millers
3.) Filling our Bucket
4.) Cachey Mama
5.) Momma Totally in Love
6.) The Southern Mommy Chronicles
7.) Motherhood Truth
8.) Terrell Family Fun
9.) Lines Across My Face
10.) The MommyhoodChronicles

<3 You guys!!  <3

Husband Encouragement Challenge
Day 28

I do this more often than I’d like to admit.  I hate being wrong.  I need to work on my humility, but we should actually probably both work on being more humble – especially in our relationship.  <3

What about YOU?  Do you hate being wrong??  How can you work towards humility?

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  1. Dwija {House Unseen} says:

    Thank you for the award, sweet lady! And yes, I HATE to be wrong. It's the worst…

  2. LOVE MELISSA:) says:

    Thank you so much for the award!! So appreciated!!

  3. Thank you for the award =)
    and well I dont ever have to hate being wrong, because I'm NEVER wrong!! lol haha

  4. Melissa @ Filling Our Bucket says:

    Thanks for the award! 🙂

  5. Jazmin @ The Miller's says:

    Yayyy! Link up!


  6. Melissa @ Filling Our Bucket says:

    Also, I loooooooooooove rainbows too!! I used to draw them all.the.time when I was a kid!

  7. I loved your post today. It really stops and makes you think and for that I thank you. My husband is out of town for the week but I can't wait to practice humility when he calls tonight. Keep up the inspiring words. Your blog is cute!

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