Oh Pinteresting… How to be a Terrific Mom

I pretty much consider blogging my job since I’m a SAHM lol.  And since I’m a MOM Blogger, this seemed like a very appropriate thing to post!  I love it – the stuff it says, plus the incredible visual appeal. 

What would YOU add??
As a CATHOLIC Mom Blogger, I would add: Pass on the Faith.  :o)

So I’ve seen a lot of talk lately on blogs and in the twitterverse about WHY people blog.  So I feel compelled to explain myself.

Like my About Me section mentions, I’ve been journaling since I was 7.  I just love to write about my life.  Now I have someone really cute to write about and a whole community of awesome people with which to make friends!  The other moms (and dads) that I’ve met on blogs and on twitter are amazing and I have so much fun chatting with them!  They’re also awesome to go to for parenting help / advice.  I’ve been blogging for a long time, but only Mom Blogging since June.  So far, I’m loving it!

I think I’ve always been truthful in letting you (my amazing readers) know that one of my blogging goals is to try to make some money.  Like I said, I’m a SAHM, and money is tight so I’m looking into some ways to get multiple income streams on the internet.  :o)  I do this through my Etsy Shop, which I promote on my blog and on twitter; Affiliate Links on my blog and on twitter; a website called Social Spark; referrals on Swagbucks; and my new Button Making business.  That said, even though I do promote these things, I am still completely committed to Quality Content!  I tell my story and if some people want to send some money my way for it, I won’t turn it away.  ;o)  Does that make me a sell-out?  You decide, but if you love my blog anyway, keep following and I’ll keep putting out my adorable content.  <3  I LOVE my followers!!

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Day 22

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  1. TexaGermaNadian says:

    How sweet is that first graphic. Very cute and gives you something to think about :) No, doesn't make you a sell out. You are still being you here!

  2. Love that! I need to get into pinerest, just not sure I can handle much else on the computer, lol

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