7QT: So Hot, PokemonGo, and Saturday Laughs

- 1 - #Updates - Pokemon Go is LIFE!  hahaha - This week we had a fun zoo day and a fun mall day. - It's been so hot that we can barely go outside - over 100 degrees. - I have some new sponsors in my life.  You'll see in August. - If you're interested in ad space on my blog, let me know asap and ask about my 10% discount! - Cupcakes gets to have a special Grandma day today and she's so excited! - 2 - 10 Year Anniversary Dinner Date! One of my Crossroads buddies was visiting the Chi … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 29: Summer Flowers

Theme: Summer Flowers Color: Green Materials: Flower Washi: Target Summer Stickers: Target Dollar Spot ... Last Week ... Link your planner in the combox!! … [Read more...]

7QT: PokemonGo and Saturday Laughs

- 1 - #Updates - I'm playing PokemonGo and having SO MUCH FUN with it! (When the servers aren't down...) - People have come up with great ways to help others while playing! - Hubs is playing too and the kids love seeing the Pokemon we find and popping the bubbles at the Pokestops. - We've been going outside and going on walks, which is AWESOME! - It took me way too long to write this post, haha. - 2 - PokemonGO Family I had been wanting to take family walks every night after … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 27: 4th of July & My Birthday

Theme: America Colors: Red White & Blue Materials: Blue Washi: Michael's Red Washi: Dollar Tree Heart Washi: Target America Stickers: Target Full Back Sticky: Office Max July Calendar: ... Last Week ... Share Your Planner! … [Read more...]

7QT: Happy 4th of July!

- 1 - #Updates - This week was full of Zoo Trips!  2 Zoo days, and an errand. - My mom took Cupcakes and I out for a fun Shopping Day for Kindergarten! - FINDING DORI WAS GREAT!  Have you seen it? - Bonfire Season is upon us and it's great! - I got to see Trace Adkins!!  Yay Summer! - I'm so excited for the 4th of July! - 2 - Taco Spaghetti Try it!  It's 100% better than you'd think. - 3 - WELCOME JULY! - 4 - Saturday Laughs 5. This face!!!!  She said she was … [Read more...]

Taco Spaghetti

I'm in a Dinner RUT and looking for ways to change things up.  What could be more 'changed up' than Taco Spaghetti?!  I found this on a Pin called 16 Recipes for When You're Out of Dinner Ideas and tried it right away.  Hubs and I *loved* it!! and it's actually pretty easy to make. Ingredients: - Spaghetti - Tortilla Chips - 1lb Ground Beef - 1/2 Large Onion Chopped - 2 TB Taco Seasoning - 3/4 Cup Water - 1 Bag Frozen Corn - 1/2 Cup Salsa - I Cup Shredded Taco Cheese - 4oz Can … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 26: Week Before the 4th

Theme: Almost 4th of July Colors: Red and Blue Materials: Red Washi: Dollar Tree America Stickers: Target Dollar Spot July Calendar I want to see your planners!  Leave a comment with a link or a picture!! … [Read more...]

7QT: Smoothies, Summer, & Saturday Laughs

- 1 - #Updates - We had to recharge the AC in my car. It's unbearably hot in the car without it. - Bonfire season has begun and I couldn't be happier! - I found this on Facebook this week: - Yay for Mom dates! - We had a very successful mall day in which TR *stopped playing in the play place* to tell me he had to go to the bathroom! And when we made the journey all the way to the back corner of Penney's he made it!  So proud! - 2 - Delicious Fruit Smoothies This is officially my … [Read more...]

Homemade Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie

My two year old still won't drink milk.  I offer it to him twice a day, but he just really doesn't like it.  I can relate, as I can't stand the taste of milk.  Our pediatrician says it's fine as long as he gets dairy from other sources such as yogurt and cheese.  Well cheese is hit or miss, but my mother-in-law shared an awesome fruit and yogurt smoothie that even has some milk in it.  Not only does TR gobble it up, but so does everyone else in my family.  It's delicious! These smoothies are … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 25: Summer

Theme: First Week of Summer Color: Yellow Materials: Bee Washi: Office Max Summer Stickers: Target Dollar Spot Do YOU Bullet Journal?? … [Read more...]