Taking Matters Into His Own Hands, Thing with Two Wheels & other Saturday Laughs

2015-03-23 15.19.11

5. I call this photo, "Taking Matters Into His Own Hands".  Don't ask why the baby had access to the cereal box, but he did and he removed the bag.  Then he attempted to pour some onto the table to eat.  I am in love with this picture.   4. I'm also in love with this picture.  I mainly think it's just so cute!  Little Man is so small compared to his big sister, but that doesn't stop him from causing big destruction.  Here he removed the entire sink! … [Read more...]

7QT: All Covered in Snow Again

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- 1 - #Updates Remember last week when I was talking about how beautiful it was outside and that we were finally able to go out and play? This week, this happened... Big Christmas Flakes. It was the worst. - 2 - Blog Stuff My goal is to read one blog post that I've pinned to my Bloggy & Social Media pin board per day.  I particularly enjoyed this one: This post has a few ideas on how to get your blog noticed by search engines.  You can actually go into your accounts (one … [Read more...]

Motivate Your Child [a Book Review]

Motivate Your Child [a Book Review] | For Love of Cupcakes | @4LoveofCupcakes

I received the book, Motivate Your Child: A Christian Parent's Guide to Raising Kids Who Do What They Need to Do Without Being Told by Dr. Scott Turnansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN in exchange for the book review I have written here. As a former teacher, I like to think that I have a pretty good handle on discipline and such, but Cupcakes definitely needs help self-motivating.  (Who doesn't, really??)  I know that some kids are able to clean up their toys and put them away when they're … [Read more...]

My (and Cupcakes’) 5 Fave Shopkins #5Faves

5 Faves Graphic

Alright technically, these are my nine favorite Shopkins, but I'll tell you my *absolute* faves of these nine.  Have you heard of these things?  They're similar to the Crazy Bones of my day, but cuter!  And colorful!  They're apparently all the rage.  Cupcakes' friend told us about them, and now we try to find them at Target and they're always sold out.  My brother gets them for her on eBay.  It's possible he's more into them than she or I!  Are you / your children a collector / … [Read more...]

A Tour of My Church

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Who wants to see it??  I wrote my first guest post! Welcome to My Church! I *love* visiting other churches, so I’m thrilled to bring you an electronic tour of mine.  This is a fairly small church, but it’s full of beauty.  Enjoy! We’ve recently moved into our first house in a different town, and so we had to find a new parish.  Though I wouldn’t say it’s filled with a lot of young families/kids, it is certainly very family-friendly.  The usher seems to love us, at least!  Here’s what the … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 13: Spring Outside, Planner Link Up

week 12 st pat joe full

Theme: Spring Outside Colors: Pink & Green Materials: Pink Floral Washi : Hello Washi Etsy Shop Thin Washi: eBay Happy Card: The Paper Source Garden Stickers:Target Dollar Spot The Documented Life Project: [Art to the 5th blog] Art Challenge: As a focal point Journal Prompt: Coming into focus ... Last Week ... How are YOU planning this week?? Link YOUR planner with us! … [Read more...]

7QT: We’re FINALLY Outside!!


- 1 - #Updates We're officially in Spring; we played outside for the first time!! Yay for having our own yard!  Yay for being done apartment living. We also got to go to the zoo for the first time! - 2 - Blog Stuff My goal is to read one blog post that I've pinned to my Bloggy & Social Media pin board per day.  I particularly enjoyed this one: This is one of those long vertical pins so I don't want to put it here.  It's a fun infographic though: Tips to have a more Productive, … [Read more...]

First #ZooDay of the Year! {Photo Dump}


Have I mentioned that I love going to the zoo?  It's true.  It's one of my favorite things: outside, awesome animals, kids LOVE it, and because my lovely mom gets me a membership for my birthday every year, it's pretty much free.  We *did* buy those ridiculously expensive souvenir cups for Hobbs and myself on our first visit, but that was only because we can bring them back every time in 2015 to get free refills all over the zoo.  Since we go so often, we'd be losing money NOT buying them.  I'm … [Read more...]

My 5 Favorite Ideas for Easter Basket Stuffers

5 Faves Easter Basket

It's still Lent, but I can't wait until Easter to tell you my basket ideas!  We moms (and Easter Bunnies) have to be prepared.  I don't do big gifts in Easter baskets, but I also don't want to load my littles up with chocolate / candy / sugar, etc.  So I found some fun gifts for Cupcakes (not sure what I'm doing for the baby yet) on amazon!  She is going to love these little things, and most are very inexpensive! Some Easter Basket Ideas The Story of Easter: It was very important to me to … [Read more...]

10 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

happy st pats day

  Our St. Patrick's Day Party this past Saturday was so much fun! I had forgotten how amazing / funny the movie Quiet Man is! Cupcakes loved helping me make all the treats for our party, including the cupcakes, haha. Here are Some Ideas for celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Little Kids today! 1. Go looking for shamrocks in the yard. 2. Make shamrock sugar cookies using three hearts. 3. If your kids are old enough explain three hearts ^^^ making one shamrock are like the … [Read more...]