Our First House: Home-Buying Process


There are SOOOO many things I want to talk about regarding our new house.  I kind of don't want to talk about the home-buying process because it was SUCH a nightmare!!  I hardly ever talked about it on da blog because I was so scared of jinxing myself or something (superstitious, much?!  LOL).  There were so many road blocks that I was just afraid of losing it.  And then closing!  UG!  Alright, I'll devote one paragraph to the process: Finding Our Home We knew the realtor we wanted to use … [Read more...]

{Wordless} Handsome Man with a Funny Face

2014-08-22 20.10.14

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Filofax Weeks 34 & 35

house closing

Yep I missed last week.  It's been cray! Week 34 Theme: Closing on the House Colors: Green and Purple Week 35 Theme: Little Friends (Since I Teach 2 Year Olds Now) Colors: Blue and Green The Documented Life Project [Art to the 5th Blog] Draw, sketch, doodle, or paint a face.  Or cut / alter one from a book or magazine. … Last Week… I drew Thomas because we spent the day out with him!!  <3 … [Read more...]

7QT: House House House


- 1 - Happy Friday I can say this again since I'm back at work.  WAAAHHHH! - 2 - Dessert of the Week Gummy Worms! [#HealthyEating] Ice Cream! QUESTION… Why can I eat heaping mounds of ice cream and be perfectly fine, but Milkshakes destroy my stomach?! - 3 - All My Kids are Sick I hate it when my kids are sick.  Especially when they're babies.  ESPECIALLY when I can't call in sick and take care of them at home.  The worst! We've been using saline drops, nose frida, and … [Read more...]

A Day Out with Thomas

caleb train

We had SUCH an amazing time!!   … [Read more...]

Give a Shot® with Walgreens & Help a Child in Need!

Give A Shot

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. It's August, and that means Back to School time!!  I'm going back to "school" too, well my job at the daycare… after my amazing summer/ maternity leave.  That's right, I said DAYCARE CENTER.  AND I'm in the 2 Year Old Room this year… So you *KNOW* I'll be getting my flu shot!  Even if you don't get the flu shot, though, there are required vaccines that Walgreens can provide in order for … [Read more...]

Siblings, Harry Potter, Telling Time & other Saturday Laughs


5. Remember when Cupcakes was a zombie?  Well two days later, after we had a whole big talk about it, she did it again, but this time it was so much worse…. 4. So we were out to eat a few days later and started talking to her about it.  We said that she can't have so many toys in her bed anymore.  She replied VERY LOUDLY [in the restaurant], "Yeah if I have to get out of bed, I'll just say, 'MOMMY, I HAVE TO PEEEEEEEEEEEE!'"  haha 3. "Tootsie Roll!  Just trust me!" 2. In order to … [Read more...]

7QT: Back on the Work Force… Updates

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- 1 - Happy Friday Now that I'm a working mom again, I can enthusiastically say this: HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! - 2 - Dessert of the Week GUMMY WORMS! Who loves 'em?!  Come on… admit it!! - 3 - House Hunt Updates Closing has been delayed until next Wednesday… I'm really really looking forward to getting it over with and getting the moving process started! - 4 - Daycare Updates I know Cupcakes is doing great at daycare.  I'm SO glad I took her once a week during my maternity leave.  I … [Read more...]

My Big Come Back {From Maternity Leave}

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I've had such an incredible, wonderful, amazing summer  / Maternity Leave with my precious babies.  But now it's time to get back to reality and return to work.  This past Monday was my first day.  The days have been going by fairly quickly which is awesome, but somehow, the days are still very long.  I guess that's because my evenings with my hubby / kids are so short.  I love the night time feedings with Tootsie Roll because even though they make me more tired, it's GREAT cuddle time.  <3 … [Read more...]

{Wordless} Cutest Kids… and a Monkey

2014-08-10 08.22.39

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