Happy Thanksgiving! 2015

I am having a great week and I hope you are too! … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 48: Happy Thanksgiving!

Theme: Happy Thanksgiving! Colors: Mostly Orange (I wish I had a brown pen.) Materials: Football Washi: Office Max Orange Washi: Target Football Stickers: Not sure, I've had them forever Thanksgiving Stickers: Michael's ... Last Week ... Do you blog about your planner?  Leave your link in a comment! Have a great Thanksgiving Week!!! … [Read more...]

7QT & Saturday Laughs: Happy Thanksgiving!

- 1 - #Updates - I've felt weird blogging since the Paris attack. - But I want to keep posting. - This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for my family, my country, my faith. - I'm giving Doctor Who another (3rd) try. - I'm unhappy with the length at which my phone holds a charge. - I gave up on NaNoWrMo.  I'm woefully unprepared.  Maybe next year. - The cold weather is here.  Lots of snow tonight.  I'm glad it stayed away until mid-November this year. - I have exciting days coming up this … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 47: Almost Thankgiving

Theme: Pre-Thanksgiving Colors: Orange, Yellow-Orange Materials: Orange Striped Washi - Target (I think?) Fall Animal Stickers - Michael's ... Last Week ... {Paris on my heart} Share your pages in the comments - links or pictures!  I'd love to share inspirations! … [Read more...]

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Game for My Toddler

I had a Momma Date last night and we had all kinds of fun.  We did some shopping which included a trip to JoAnne Fabrics.  Then we got milkshakes and came back to my house.  I had rented Pitch Perfect 2 from the library so we popped that in since both of us are big fans of the franchise.  Wink Face. About a minute after that, Hobbs left for the midnight release of FallOut 4.  I'll probably write about that in a 7QT post, but the point is that the kids were in bed, husband gone, and my friend … [Read more...]

We Are Praying for Paris

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7QT: Christmas Cups, Baby Cries, Kids Rooms & More

- 1 - #Updates - Happy Friday the 13th!! - I got my Halloween decorations out early this year. - And I started listening to Christmas music this week.  Too early! - I do respect the bird!  I swear!  But Christmas... - I have one thing to say about the Starbucks Cups, and it's important: - 2 - Dessert of the Week I made these Oreo Bars. While they were delicious, they were also ooey and gooey and probably high in calories... - 3 - Sometimes I Don't Know Why My Baby is … [Read more...]

Real Talk: Baby Cries

I want to talk about baby cries because I feel like I missed a mom chip in my brain in this area.  One thing I know is that I can distinguish my kids cries from other kids'.  However, I don't have that mom gene that tells me why my kids are crying.  I never know.  I can usually tell how urgent the situation is for my baby, but people ask, "what kind of cry is it?" and I mostly have no idea besides decibel level.  Are you hungry?  Poopy?  In pain?  Sleepy?  Scared?  Please!  Use your words!!  Oh … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 46: Zentangle

Theme: Zentangle Colors: Blue, Green, and Black Materials: Washi Tape: Office Max I haven't added stickers yet, but I might use my Thanksgiving Stickers from Michaels Art I'll have to add Zentangles or Zentangle-y doodles to these pages! ... Last Week ... I drew some Super Mario World things.  It's my favorite video game of all time.  Do you recognize the Vanilla Dome? … [Read more...]

7QT: Halloween Pics, Big Boy Bed & More

- 1 - #Updates - Halloween was wonderful! - The night started out with crappy weather, but by the end it was gorgeous! - At first, DST was terrible and in one sense, it's still terrible. (I hate how bright it is in the morning and how dark it is in the afternoon) but my kids aren't waking up at 6am anymore.  I'm hoping that's not only because it's been cloudy... - I am actually almost finished with Christmas shopping. - I'm hoping to get it done before Advent starts! - 2 - Dessert … [Read more...]