Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! 2014


  Today I'm going to be... * Sipping some delicious hot beverages * Watching some spectacular parades * Rooting for some unexpected football teams * Munching on some amazing Thanksgiving dinner and *Thanking God for all I have. I hope you all have a truly wonderful holiday! Thank YOU for reading my blog!  <3 … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Paper Chain Craft

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Here's a fun and easy craft you can do with your kids or students to help them focus on the reason for the season!  Cupcakes, Hobbs, and I took turns coming up with things we're thankful for, things we want to thank God for.  It was a great teaching tool for Cupcakes! It was also a great craft for practicing use of scissors and glue.  I cut some strips and then I let Cupcakes cut some "strips":     Cupcakes' "quasadilla" Then, as a family, we all talked about … [Read more...]

{Wordless} Cutest Siblings and a Giraffe

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Have a Hassle-Free Thanksgiving Feast at Buca di Beppo!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Buca di Beppo® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I am SO excited to bring you this post because I LOVE Buca di Beppo!  We had our wedding rehearsal dinner here, we've celebrated accomplishments here; it's a wonderful place to go for special occasions or just ... lunch! First of all, Italian cuisine is my absolute favorite kind of food.  Ask my husband!  Anytime he asks me what kind of restaurant I'd like to go to, I answer, … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 48: Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Theme: Thanksgiving Week Colors: Orange, Brown, and Blue   Materials Washi Tape: Target Thin Washi: eBay Turkey Sticker: Not sure, have had it forever The Documented Life Project [Art to the 5th Blog] This Week's Challenge: Depict Gratitude in a Creative Way I really wanted to do last week's but time got away from me!  Maybe I can go back and add a map to show you later. Great idea!!  :o) New Stuff I'm going to start a bullet journal! Here's what it will look like; my … [Read more...]

I Would Much Rather Be in Gulf County!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gulf County, Florida for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Wow it's cold!  As you might now, we're located in the Chi, and its already (we're approaching the end of November so I guess I shouldn't be surprised...) so freezing cold, I want to get OUT!  Here's a post about a great place to visit during these bitter cold months of January through March. Imagine how nice it would be to take off with your husband or close group of friends and … [Read more...]

Hilarious Faces My Kids Made *Saturday Laughs*

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  5. "The wolf's going to eat the baby bears!"  Worriedly watching Disney Nature's Bears. <3   4. Enough said.   3. Sibling Love.  TR's face at Cupcakes as he shakes Mr. Giraffe.   2. I don't know why TR made this face, but it's pretty much hilarious.   1. This face.  Also hilarious.  Those lips!  <3 We're all having a great time.  :) Linking these Laughs with The Mommyhood Chronicles. … [Read more...]

7QT: Back to Chi Town


- 1 - Happy Friday I'm sad that our vacation is over, but I'll tell you one thing I'm very happy about: normal eyes!  I found out this past week that I am very allergic to dogs (I thought it was just cats).  WOWZA my eyes were in agony!  I'm happy that they're much better now!! - 2 - Dessert of the Week PIE!  Pumpkin Pie for our early Thanksgiving!  It was so super delicious as was the Pistachio Pudding and Blueberry Delight!  Wish I had pictures... here's the Thanksgiving spread at … [Read more...]

Chevrolet Wants to Show Teacher Appreciation with their Educator Discount!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chevrolet for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. As a pre-kindergarten teacher, I've been so blessed to receive COUNTLESS amazing and thoughtful gifts from my children and their parents. I've gotten everything from very generous gift cards (to places varying from Target to Dunkin Donuts and even Visa gift cards) to candles / warmers, and hand-made picture frames and ornaments.  I would sometimes get gifts for Valentine's Day and Teacher … [Read more...]

We’re Home! But it Was Not an Easy Trip…

2014-11-19 11.41.17

  This little one is a PRO traveler.  This time she wore her back pack AND dragged her suitcase behind her, which was so helpful.  You wouldn't think such a small family would have so much luggage, but we packed light and still had so much to lug around: Cupcakes' suitcase & backpack Tootsie Rolls' suitcase & diaper bag BIG suitcase for Mommy and Daddy (checked) Hobbs' backpack My purse Stroller & TR's carseat Cupcakes' carseat When we landed in Chicago at 7pm. … [Read more...]