7QT: Smoothies, Summer, & Saturday Laughs

- 1 - #Updates - We had to recharge the AC in my car. It's unbearably hot in the car without it. - Bonfire season has begun and I couldn't be happier! - I found this on Facebook this week: - Yay for Mom dates! - We had a very successful mall day in which TR *stopped playing in the play place* to tell me he had to go to the bathroom! And when we made the journey all the way to the back corner of Penney's he made it!  So proud! - 2 - Delicious Fruit Smoothies This is officially my … [Read more...]

Homemade Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie

My two year old still won't drink milk.  I offer it to him twice a day, but he just really doesn't like it.  I can relate, as I can't stand the taste of milk.  Our pediatrician says it's fine as long as he gets dairy from other sources such as yogurt and cheese.  Well cheese is hit or miss, but my mother-in-law shared an awesome fruit and yogurt smoothie that even has some milk in it.  Not only does TR gobble it up, but so does everyone else in my family.  It's delicious! These smoothies are … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 25: Summer

Theme: First Week of Summer Color: Yellow Materials: Bee Washi: Office Max Summer Stickers: Target Dollar Spot Do YOU Bullet Journal?? … [Read more...]

7QT: Happy Father’s Day!

- 1 - #Updates - Last year, they closed the Splash Pad near me.  I'm not over it.  I'll never be over it. - We found one that a friend likes to go to but it's way too far away. - Also, I need to find a pool to belong to.  At an affordable price, obvi. - Is anything better than Panda Express leftovers?? - It's so hot... we had to get the AC in our car recharged; I hope it works! - 2 - Happy Father's Day! - 3 - Ramblings about Reading Random Thoughts About Reading Are you … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts About Reading. This isn’t a book review, but there are some recommendations included.

I'm a science fiction / fantasy novel fan. When I was in the womb, my mom read me The Hobbit (JRR Tolkien), my first book and my first book in that genre. In Kindergarten, I was obsessed with a picture book called, The Continuing Story of Love of Chair (Tom Dunsmuir), where a giant bird carried a boy who was asleep on a chair all over town. It was mysterious, wacky, and whimsical, which I guess is why I loved it so much. It went out of print.   Later, in 3rd or 4th (???) grade, I read … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 24: Father’s Day

Theme: Father's Day Color: Orange Materials: Mustache Washi: Target Mustache Stickers: Target? ... Last Week ... … [Read more...]

7QT: Road Trips with Kids

- 1 - #Updates - I forgot to post this last week, haha - Time to go see my cousin get married! - It's going to be such a great time!! We had a great time! - I'll let you know how the ten hour car ride goes. --> It actually went VERY well! On the way there, we had ZERO tantrums, and TR had ZERO accidents!  On the way back, TR had one brief tantrum, and ZERO accidents.  I should write a post with more details... - 2 - Potty Training Updates Our Two Year Old is a Potty Training … [Read more...]

Our Potty Training Super Hero: updates

I am so impressed with TR.  He's really doing a great job.  We're about a month into potty training now, and we have several things to celebrate as well as some things to continue working on (obviously). Celebrations: - He tells me when he has to go much of the time now! - He has little to no problem using public restrooms. - He no longer needs chocolate chip bribes. - He's pooped on the potty a few times and one time even TOLD ME about it! Working On: - He does tell me some times … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 22: Wedding

Theme: My Cousin's Wedding Colors: Pink & Gold (her wedding colors) Materials: Princess Washi: from a pen pal Heart Washi: Michael's Love Stickers: from a friend ... Last Week ... … [Read more...]

7QT: Crafts, Muffins, & Saturday Laughs

- 1 - #Updates - We're leaving again!  Next week, for my cousin's wedding this time. - This will be our first 10 hour car ride with the kids.  I'm pretty nervous. - It's started to get HOT!  It seems like it's happened over night. - I wish we had a pool... - Hobbs cut TR's hair!!  You can see the new 'do in the pictures below. - We had a lovely zoo day this past week. - I'm still obsessed with my Pokemon game! - 2 - Healthy Mini Muffins I made these little gems and froze them for … [Read more...]