7QT: Crafts, Muffins, & Saturday Laughs

- 1 - #Updates - We're leaving again!  Next week, for my cousin's wedding this time. - This will be our first 10 hour car ride with the kids.  I'm pretty nervous. - It's started to get HOT!  It seems like it's happened over night. - I wish we had a pool... - Hobbs cut TR's hair!!  You can see the new 'do in the pictures below. - We had a lovely zoo day this past week. - I'm still obsessed with my Pokemon game! - 2 - Healthy Mini Muffins I made these little gems and froze them for … [Read more...]

Paint Chip Color Book

An Easy Craft to Help Practice Sight Words! We're getting Cupcakes ready for Kindergarten!  I used to be a Kindergarten teacher and I know some of the things I taught my students so I thought that might be helpful for my first-born. Here are some words she's already learned: I a you the love his her is he she I thought the color words would be fun to do next! Materials: Paint Chips from Walmart or any home improvement store Hole Punch Book Ring Sharpies … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 21: Paisley

Theme: Paisley Colors: Orange Materials: Love Bug Stickers - Walmart Paisley Washi - Michael's … Last Week ... … [Read more...]


Today is my sister's first wedding anniversary.  Yay! And three days ago, I celebrated the TENTH anniversary of meeting my husband! This is the very beginning of the summer we walked across the country. … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 20: Spring Garden

Theme: Spring Garden Color: Pink Materials: Spring Flowers Washi - Michael's Spring Garden Stickers - Michael's From My Journal: Hubs and I have been watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix.  It's hilarious and Loise is my favorite character. This is a border from my Heart 2 Heart Diary I had as a child. ... Last Week ... … [Read more...]

Potty Training Update

Potty training is going really well!  I'd say it's going better than expected.  In the last three days, TR hasn't had any accidents.  He pees in his potty, he pees at my parents' house, and he pees in public toilets!! We are having a couple of issues. - He doesn't really tell us when he has to go.  When he does go, it's because I have him try. - He resists sometimes by saying, "No! No! No!", but sometimes goes in spite of his own protests. - Poop is an issue.  He has been able to go … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 19: Gotta Catch ’em All

Theme: Pokemon Colors: Green My husband got me the Pokemon game for our Nintendo DS. This is my guy, Chespin.  I drew him in my journal because he was the first guy I had in my new Pokemon game.  He's the one I started out with.  He's adorable and I love him. Materials: Green Washi: Target (a gift from my daughter for Mother's Day) Animal Stickers: StickerChic book from 5 Below from my PenPal Weird Animal Stickers: IKEA New Stuff I copied this border out of a beloved diary … [Read more...]

7QT: Happy Mother’s Day!!!

- 1 - #Updates - I've been home from vacation for more than a week and I am NOT back in the swing. - I'm having trouble getting the house straightened up / keeping it that way. - I got a wonderful package from my Planner PenPal! - This week we're celebrating my mom's birthday and Mother's Day! - Oh and Star Wars Day (same day as my mom's bday) - Potty training is going well.  The only problem is that he won't tell me when he has to go. - My husband got me the Pokemon game I've been … [Read more...]

Potty Training Our Two Year Old

** Fair Warning: this post has a lot of TMI talk about poop in the context of potty training.  Reader beware. ::wink face:: ** We potty trained our daughter, Cupcakes at two years old and it was very successful so I wanted to try our son at the same age.  I am nervous because I keep hearing boys are harder / take longer / are ready later.  I wanted to give it a try anyway, however.  He had been showing a few signs of readiness: Long periods of time where he's dry Indicating to me when … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 18: May the 4th Be With You

Star Wars Day is also my Mom's birthday!  Happy birthday, MOM! Theme: Star Wars & Birthdays Color: Blue Materials: Heart Washi: Target Cupcake Washi: Toys R Us Star Wars Stickers: Target Dollar Spot May Calendar New Stuff From my lovely new pen pal: ... Last Week ... … [Read more...]